Most memorable Roy Keane punditry moments

Roy Keane returned to Sky Sports punditry duties back in 2019, with his forthright and cutting edge analysis making him a popular figure on-screen.

The former Manchester United captain is known for being brutally honest with his views, and his blossoming partnership with Micah Richards has also proved a hit with viewers.

Here are some of Keane’s most memorable moments in the punditry chair:

Keane on viral TikTok video

This one is not a punditry moment as such, more a memorable Keane reaction.

Here he is watching a video sent in to Micah Richards, where Keane’s FIFA character performs some of the game’s more eccentric celebrations in-game.

Keane on dancing

When Jesse Lingard produced some new dance moves after he scored for West Ham against Leicester in February, you wouldn’t naturally expect Keane to be particularly impressed.

You’d be right in assuming that – but in doing so, he recalled some of his own old dance moves.

Asked how he would rate Lingard’s celebration out of 10, he replied: “One.

“I used to do this dance before, usually after a Bacardi and Coke.

“When he scores goals like that then I suppose I have to give him a bit of credit.”

Keane vs Carragher

During an episode of Monday Night Football last year, Keane and Jamie Carragher picked their combined Manchester United & Liverpool XIs.

One of Carragher’s picks caused plenty of controversy amongst his opposite number.

The former Liverpool defender picked Sadio Mane ahead of Ryan Giggs – and check out Keane’s reaction:

Keane vs Redknapp

YouTube video

When Tottenham took on Burnley in February, Keane and Jamie Redknapp got embroiled in one of the more heated debates of the Premier League season.

Keane claimed that without star men Harry Kane and Son Heung-Min, Spurs would be an “average” side. Redknapp disagreed, pointing out the number of international players that Spurs possess in their ranks.

Keane responded: “That doesn’t make them good players Jamie. Playing for your country doesn’t make you a top player.

“If you can trap the ball you can play for your country these days.”

Keane on United & Liverpool

YouTube video

Prior to a Premier League clash between United and Liverpool, members from both teams were seen embracing each other before exiting the tunnel.

Keane commented: “You’re going to war. Hugging and kissing – don’t even look at the opposition. You’re going into battle against them.

“The game hasn’t changed that much. The players have changed. You’re going to war against these players. Hugging each other.

“Chat to them after the game. Actually, don’t even chat to them after the game.”

Keane on X Factor

YouTube video

Keane spent eight years captaining United between 1997 and 2005, and spoke to The Football Show last April about an infamous moment involving Wayne Rooney and The X Factor.

Rooney had previously talked about what happened on an edition of Monday Night Football.

He said: “We certainly didn’t have an argument, let me tell you.

“I like my rugby league, and yeah someone did change the channel. I wasn’t happy.

“We didn’t have an argument about it because I remember the next day we came down for breakfast and Wayne said to me: ‘oh, did you find the controls?’ I told him where to go.

“Hiding the controls was that type of banter then,” he later added, before shaking his head and saying: “Not for me.”

Featured Image Credit: Getty