MVP fires back at fans over Omos criticism, aims huge dig at The Great Khali

MVP has brutally slammed critics of WWE star Omos, firing a shot at Hall of Famer The Great Khali in the process.

‘The Giant’ Omos has quickly established himself as a rising star in WWE. Partnering with AJ Styles, the seven-foot-three behemoth has already won a Raw Tag Team title.

In addition, Omos’ gripping feud with one of WWE’s biggest names has pushed his stock higher. The giant is currently feuding with Bobby Lashley, following a number of run-ins after their match at WrestleMania 38. As a result, the pair will go head-to-head at WrestleMania Backlash.

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This speedy rise to the top of the game is complemented by an incredible backstory. Overcoming some serious medical issues, so unique that he was described as a medical ‘anomaly’, Omos has all the makings of a feel-good fan favourite, despite his current heel persona.

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He has also received compliments from wrestling royalty for his performances.

The Undertaker praises Omos

Speaking on WWE’s The Bump, Undertaker gave Omos some incredible praise by comparing him to Andre the Giant.

“There won’t be another Andre, but this guy is as close as we’ve come,” said ‘The Phenom’ (as per Sportskeeda). “And that’s a big statement…Omos is special. The big thing for him to know and realise is that he’s special, and he’s different from everyone else.”

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The Undertaker also complimented the athleticism of WWE’s latest supersized star.

“The average size of the wrestler, in general, is smaller than it was. So here is this guy who is incredibly athletic and incredibly huge. He’s just a big, strong man. It’s important for him to make sure that he protects that.”

Unfortunately, there are a minority of fans that, as of yet, do not appreciate Omos in quite the same way. They have criticised the big man, causing MVP to leap to his defence.

MVP slams Omos critics, makes Great Khali dig

Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP), who aligned himself with Omos following WrestleMania 38, blasted critics of his wrestler.

Taking to Twitter, the manager branded critics “idiots” whilst simultaneously dissing a WWE Hall of Famer.

“If you compare the not so “Great” Khali to the Colossus @TheGiantOmos you’re an idiot of the highest order,” fumed Porter.

“I’ve been in the ring with both of them. I’m an expert in this craft. Khali is AWFUL. Omos has HUGE potential. Watch how I move…”

Khali was a World Heavyweight Champion in WWE and also helped popularise the federation in India. Unfortunately, the giant’s career was dismissed in MVP’s huge dig.

Omos will try to silence his critics in his rematch with Bobby Lashley on May 8th.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@thegiantomos