Nico Rosberg has been ‘banned’ from F1 paddock this season for ‘not getting vaccinated’

One-time F1 world champion Nico Rosberg has been banned from entering the F1 paddock this season, according to reports.

The decision from F1 bosses is the reason why the German ace is no longer reporting from the paddock itself as part of his Sky Sports F1 duties. Rosberg has instead been giving his views from remote locations. Fans have been questioning why this is – and now they have their answer.

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Why has Nico Rosberg been banned from the F1 paddock?

German outlet Sport 1 report that Rosberg cannot enter the F1 paddock this season because he has not had the Covid-19 vaccine.

In January, the sport announced it would be making vaccination mandatory for all on-site personnel at each race. That, in addition, includes media personnel.

In turn, the decision led to a relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions within the paddock. For instance, drivers now no longer have to wear masks during post-race interviews. However, some drivers, such as Lewis Hamilton, still choose to.

The belief was, at the time, that the mandate would have no impact on any of the current drivers in F1. That is because they were all vaccinated against Covid-19.

Prior to last season’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, F1 drivers appeared in a video encouraging people to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

Why has Nico Rosberg not been vaccinated?

Rosberg told Sport 1: “I got over a corona disease well and accordingly have monster antibodies in me. I also have my antibodies tested regularly. Under these circumstances, my doctor advised me that vaccination would make absolutely no sense.”

The outlet reports that Rosberg intended to enter the F1 paddock for the Monaco Grand Prix last month, but stewards stopped him. However, this has since been denied.

A spokesperson for Rosberg told PlanetF1: “This is not true. He didn’t try to get into the Monaco paddock.

“Nico Rosberg recovered from a coronavirus infection and currently holds a recovery certificate. He has his antibody levels tested regularly and, on the recommendation of his doctor, does not currently require any vaccinations.”

In addition, unvaccinated F1 personnel can apply for a special permit to enter the paddock. But it is unknown whether Rosberg did this.

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There is no indication about what the future holds for the German in terms of his Sky analysis. But it is clear that he must get vaccinated in order to enter the paddock in future.

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