Nutritionist reveals Tyson Fury diet days before Dillian Whyte fight

Tyson Fury is hard at work training for his all-British heavyweight showdown with Dillian Whyte – and has an astonishing diet to go along with it.

The Gypsy King has had a career revival in the sport following back-to-back wins over Deontay Wilder. This would have been unthinkable a few years ago for Fury, who battled many demons.

Following his victory over Wladimir Klitschko in 2015, Fury spiralled into depression and addiction. His weight increased to over 25 stone during his lengthy layoff from boxing.

In addition, The Gypsy King failed a drug test for cocaine in the build-up to a rematch with Klitschko that was cancelled. Furthermore, the British heavyweight admitted that he was severely struggling with mental health issues.

Despite this, Tyson Fury made an incredible recovery to regain his World champion form. His conditioning is undoubtedly boosted by the special diet he follows.

Who is behind the diet?

The Morecambe-based fighter has a personal nutritionist who makes all four of his daily meals. George Lockhart is famous in the combat sports world for his dietary work with multiple athletes, including UFC star Conor McGregor.

Team Fury brought in Lockhart before the Gypsy King’s first rematch against American Deontay Wilder. After the success of that fight prep, the nutritionist has managed the diet of Tyson Fury ever since.

Lockhart is full of praise for Fury: “He’ll joke about a lot of things, but I’ll tell you Tyson has one of the strongest understandings of nutrition of any of the athletes I’ve worked with,” said Lockhart to Sportsmail, quotes the Daily Mail.

But what does the World Heavyweight champion eat, I hear you ask?

Tyson Fury: Diet of a champion

As mentioned earlier, Fury eats four meals a day, plus an oat shake before each of his two daily training sessions. Breakfast is bright and early at 8am, lunch at 12, and an afternoon snack at 3pm before tea/dinner at 6pm.

The four meals give Fury 3200-3400 calories a day – not as high as some might think for an elite performance athlete who stands at 6ft 9.

Breakfast typically starts with eggs, a potato dish for carbs, a portion of fruit or veg, and a black pudding. The Gypsy King usually has a hefty helping of eggs; his nutritionist claims they are one of the best proteins.

According to the Daily Mail, Fury’s lunch and tea have various options available but regularly include salmon. The fish is high in omega-3 – a beneficial nutrient.

In addition, Fury will have a form of red meat at some point in the day. Lockhart says that it is very nutrient-dense, and while it is harder to digest than chicken, it is apparently better for strength. Daily Mail list examples of delicious meals created for Fury, including beef brisket, buffalo chicken and Ghee-seared salmon.

Unlike his later meals, Fury’s 3pm snack doesn’t change. He has a Greek yoghurt bowl loaded with toppings – a snack that Lockhart gives to most of his clients. The nutritionist usually covers the yoghurt in fruits and nuts, plus honey from Lockhart’s partner, Manuka Doctors. The fruit in the bowl is high in antioxidants. Meanwhile, honey improves digestion.

All this closely monitored food will fuel Fury’s battle against Dillian Whyte.

Fury vs Whyte

The British duo will face off in front of a sold-out Wembley Stadium on Saturday night. Fury vs Whyte will break an attendance record at the home of English football; the fight has sold 94,000 tickets.

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The hype for the fight has grown in recent weeks after fans feared it would be cancelled following Dillian Whyte’s no-show in the introductory press conference.

Undercard fights start at 6pm, with the headline match expected to start around the 10pm mark. Tyson Fury’s long-awaited return to British soil promises to be an incredible spectacle.

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