Official FIFA 22 app to be released this month so players can start their FUT

The FIFA 22 Web and Companion Apps are set to be released later this month, allowing fans to kick-start their Ultimate Team before the full game release.

The Daily Mirror report that the Web App is “expected” to be released on Wednesday September 22 at 6pm, with the Companion App arriving a day later on Thursday September 23, at 7pm.

With the full game set to be released on all platforms on October 1, that gives fans a full week to acquaintance themselves with the new features in Ultimate Team and to begin to build their squads.

EA have also announced that the traditional Ones To Watch promo will return to mark the new release.

The promo is focused around the summer’s biggest moves, and gives cards to specific players that can be upgraded across the season if they receive Team of the Week or Man of the Match cards.

EA say that – new for this year – OTW cards are also eligible for upgrades if their team wins five out of their next 10 league matches from October 1.

The OTW squad is yet to be fully announced, with EA having confirmed new Real Madrid signing David Alaba as the inaugural squad member.

What can players do in the Companion App?

Traditionally in every new game, FIFA players are awarded packs as soon as they open the Web App, Companion App or play the full game for the first time.

The quality and quantity of these packs normally depend on whether you have played FIFA in the past, and to what level.

For instance, a current FIFA 21 promo involves players completing in-game objectives in order to obtain rewards that will be unlocked at the beginning of FIFA 22.

Players can also build their squads and sell and buy players off the transfer market, as well as being able to complete Squad Building Challenges in exchange for coins, packs or players.

Team names, details and stadiums can also be edited, and players can access the current Team of the Week when released.

Featured Image Credit: EA SPORTS