Oktagon promoter, Pavol Neruda, flies himself to major MMA events

Having guided Oktagon MMA to European dominance, Pavol Neruda has cemented his place as one of the best promoters on the planet. But what you might not know, is that the Slovakian isn’t just talented in the business world, having also mastered the art of flying.

Renowned for his flawless fashion sense, the 40-year-old is used to making a splash at his spectacular events, taking to the cage in only the snazziest of blazers. And it turns out Neruda’s arrivals at his blockbuster shows are just as stylish as the outfits he sports. That’s right, prior to Oktagon 50 last week, the esteemed entrepreneur took to the air, soaring towards Ostrava, Czech Republic, to watch Losene Keita render Niko Samsonidse unconscious in the headline attraction of one of the most significant events in the organisation’s history.

Ultimately, the idea of flying not only adds to Neruda’s star aura but also makes his life a lot easier, with the process of travelling to meetings in Germany and the UK having become a piece of cake. Not to mention, that it also serves as a skill he can whip out for those brave enough to set foot inside his plane.

On Oktagon Challenge: England vs Ireland, Neruda joyfully took George Staines for a ride around in a sport aircraft, leaving the Yorkshireman both terrified and utterly exhilarated, shouting, “Brilliant, that’s amazing.”

And now, Neruda has revealed where his love of planes came from. Believe it or not, while Oktagon legend Atilla Vegh is an undeniably tough man, in terms of the air, it’s his promoter who has much more bottle.

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How did Pavol Neruda learn how to fly?

Neruda explained: “I had one friend approach me about starting a partnership with Attila Vegh to help promote his planes. As part of the deal, he offered to teach Atilla how to fly and help him get his pilot’s licence. 

“I went to Atilla and told him about this, and at first, he was really excited. Then, after a few days, he said he was too scared, and he pulled out of the deal!

“At this point, my friend said maybe it would be a good idea if I was the one to help him with the partnership. I said, ‘okay, let’s do it’! This is how this opportunity came to us. For me it has always been my passion my whole life, building model planes and flying in simulators, so I was super excited.

“We got the licence, we got the planes, and then we started to fly. We found ourselves in situations where look, if we don’t have the planes, we’ll never make it! Meetings in Germany and things like this have helped us grow so quickly, and we couldn’t have done that without this opportunity.”

Featured Image Credit: Oktagon MMA