Oleksandr Zinchenko tells Gary Lineker he wanted to fight for Ukraine against Russia

Oleksandr Zinchenko has admitted in an interview with Gary Lineker that he would like to help defend Ukraine against Russia.

The Manchester City star went viral after a video of him feeling emotional on the sidelines resonated with the public. His country is currently suffering from the devastating result of Vladimir Putin’s declaration of war upon it.

The Russians are marching deeper into the Eastern European nation, resulting in a mass exodus of innocent civilians attempting to flee the danger; with some crossing the welcoming borders of Poland and Romania.

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Zinchenko took to Instagram to express his anger at the Russian President.

He said: “I hope you die the most painful suffering death, creature!”

The footballer alleged that the social networking site removed his post.

On February 26 at Goodison Park, the 25-year-old put footballing rivalry aside to share a touching embrace with his countryman and Everton star Vitaliy Mykolenko. The powerful moment showed the importance of unity over sport.

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A huge number of high-profile Ukrainians have had to bravely stand up to try and help. Boxing icons Oleksandr Usyk, Vasyl Lomachenko and the Klitschko brothers are all involved. Zinchenko has admitted that he’d like to be there.

Oleksandr Zinchenko reveals all to Gary Lineker

In an open interview with BBC Sport, the City star opened up about his feelings about the situation.

He said: “I’m just crying. It’s already [been] a week – I’m not counting – but even when I drive the car from the training ground, I can just cry from nothing.

“It’s everything in my head. Imagine the place where you were born, where you were growing up and there is just empty ground.

“I can show you one million pictures and videos of every city in my country which they destroyed. A security operation? Impossible. This is a real war. What they are doing is not acceptable. We need to stop this. People there are sending me facts. They are starving. People are just surviving, sleeping underground and in bunkers.

“I’ll be honest, if not for my daughter, my family, I would be there. I’m just born like that. I know the people from my country, the mentality of them and all of them think exactly the same. I’m so proud to be Ukrainian, and I will be forever for the rest of my life. And when you’re watching the people, how they fight for their lives.

“There are no words.

“I know the people, the mentality of my people from my country, they prefer to die, and they will die. But they’re not going to give [up].”

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