‘Our Mexican brother’ — Pascal Wehrlein gets serenaded after E-Prix victory

Pascal Wehrlein has resonated with the Mexican fans to such an extent, that they’ve taken him as one of their own, with his army of passionate supporters, singing ‘Our Mexican brother’ while he lifted his trophy triumphantly over his head.

With his eyes firmly set on becoming a Formula E world champion, the icon arrived in Mexico City with a point to prove. And when it mattered most, he rose to the occasion, dominating the first E-Prix of the season, before jumping on stage to receive the reception of a lifetime.

With chants of his name echoing through the crowd, the athlete stood in awe, watching 40,000 fans display a remarkable passion only reserved for truly great sportsmen. Born to a German father, who boxed in his national championships, Wehrlein has inherited his dad’s fighting spirit, developing a reputation as a ferocious competitor who’ll do everything in his power to get the win. And it’s this very attitude that has resonated with the fans.


The bond shared between Wehrlein and his adoring Mexican supporters is nothing short of phenomenal. And unsurprisingly, it means the world to the 29-year-old.

In an exclusive interview with Sporf, he beamed: “This is a day that I will always remember because the fans are so special. They were singing ‘Our Mexican brother’ when I was on the podium. I enjoy coming here.”

Pascal Wehrlein has gone from a motorsports fan to a Formula E legend

From the moment he attended his first race at just five-years-old, Wehrlein knew he had to make motorsports his life. The noise, the atmosphere and the sheer adrenaline rush of watching the cars zoom around the race track left such an impression on the youngster that he dedicated every fibre of his being to making it to the pinnacle of the sport.

So, to have gone from a mere fan with a dream, to a man capable of being the kind of role model, he looked up to in his early years, it would be understandable for the driver’s ego to get the better of him. But in a testament to his formidable mental strength, he’s focused on producing an even better performance when he hits Saudi Arabia on January 26/27.

He explained: “It’s very difficult to put that into words. I really enjoy this moment, but tomorrow, the focus is on the next race. I know we should all enjoy these moments more, but in our heads, it’s just one race after another. We just want to win more and more races and win the championship.

Featured Image Credit: Formula E