Paddy Pimblett doesn’t have the skills to become UFC champion, according to Jared Gordon

In the aftermath of their controversial contest at UFC 282, Jared Gordon has claimed that Paddy Pimblett lacks the technical ability to make it to the very top.

When the pair of lightweight contenders faced off back in December, the Liverpudlian unsurprisingly entered as the favourite. With just over a year’s experience in the octagon, ‘The Baddy’ had managed to propel himself into global superstardom, with experts claiming he possessed all the tools to solidify his place among the biggest names in the history of the sport.

But for all his charm and wit, he couldn’t find a way to fend off his resilient opponent.

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Throughout the three rounds, Gordon oozed class, dominating Pimblett in the grappling exchanges and landing his left hand at will. But when the final bell chimed, the referee raised the Brit’s hand in a decision that MMA Junkie branded the worst robbery of the year.

Despite the heartbreak, the New York native has jumped back on the horse, with a huge fight booked against Bobby Green scheduled for April 22 at the Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada. And he hopes a win will set up the rematch he deserves.

Jared Gordon wants to settle the score with Paddy Pimblett

Speaking to Betway, he said: “If I beat Bobby Green, I would become a ranked fighter. If that is the case – would I go backwards and fight him? I don’t think it is a main event worthy fight. It would probably be on a ‘UFC Fight Night’ main event card, or he could sell out an arena in Liverpool. There is definitely a lot of interest in it for me. I would love to go over to Liverpool and fight there. My grandfather fought in the royal army, my Grandmother and mother were born and raised in London and came to the US after World War 2. I would love to come back to the homeland and finally put the Paddy vs Jared story to rest with a dominant win.”

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Why doesn’t Jared Gordon think Paddy Pimblett will become a UFC champion?

In MMA, winning the belt is the biggest achievement of all. Therefore, while many fighters chase it, only a select few manage to achieve it. And sadly for Pimblett fans, Gordon doesn’t think his rival is up to the task.

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The 34-year-old claimed: “There are so many unforeseen variables to becoming a Champion, whether the right fights align or all the circumstances are perfect. Take TJ Grant, for example. He was on a five-fight win streak before he took a knee to the head from a practice Jiu-Jitsu roll, and he never fought again.

“They gave the title shot to Anthony Pettis, now look at the career he had. These things happen. Paddy has all the things he needs to go as far as possible in terms of the fans, his management and enough people behind him. It is his skill set that needs work.”

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