Pat McAfee admits being Stunned by Stone Cold took him by surprise

Pat McAfee played his part in one of the most memorable moments of WrestleMania 38 when he was Stunned by ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin on night two. However, the man himself didn’t even expect the move to take place.

The highly-popular WWE commentator took part in his first WrestleMania match against Austin Theory. To the joy of every fan in the arena, McAfee picked up the win with a roll-up.

He was extremely impressive throughout the match. McAfee attempted a senton bomb from the top rope and landed a superplex. He also showed his athleticism on numerous other occasions.

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After his victory, he goaded WWE chairman Vince McMahon into the ring for an impromptu match. Unsurprisingly, given McMahon’s 76 years of age, the match was very one-sided towards the boss. And he picked up the win after booting McAfee in a groin with an NFL football.

But as McMahon and Theory celebrated, however, the famous glass shattered. Out walked ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin.

‘Stone Cold’ raises hell on WrestleMania 38 Night Two

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WWE fans immediately cast their minds back 20 years, when Austin vs McMahon face-offs were a weekly occurrence in televised events.

This time around, Austin appeared to want to share a cold beer with his boss. For a short time, at least.

After a brief staredown, ‘Stone Cold’ went after Theory. After a few punches, he landed the Stunner.

McMahon was the next victim of the infamous move – although it’s fair to say the move wasn’t well executed or taken by the WWE chairman. Nobody seemed to care about that, though.

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After laying out both men, Austin then turned his attention to McAfee. He initially invited the commentator into the ring for a cold beer but then kicked him and performed the Stunner. McAfee was laid out on the canvas, pouring beer into his mouth as he lay motionless.

McAfee reveals all about the Stunner

The ‘Stone Cold’ segment capped off an incredible night for Pat McAfee. After winning his first WrestleMania match, he became the first man in 12 years to face off against the boss. Then he took a Stunner for his troubles.

Speaking on his podcast, ‘The Pat McAfee Show‘, the former NFL player revealed exactly what it was like to take the Stunner – and how he didn’t expect it to happen.

He explained: “Getting stunned? Hilarious! I did not know that was happening.

“I had beer in my eyes, and in my ears. It was stupid. It was so, so dumb. I’m so thankful.”

He went on to add: “I was sitting there just befuddled by everything that was going on in my life right there. You know, I’m not good enough in that business for everything that – there was a lot of trust that was placed upon me, I think, that [in] hindsight should not have been.

“Because I’m in there like, ‘God damn, I should have been given a heads up.’ How many times have I done this? Three times? I’ve done this three times. They were really confident in me figuring some stuff out, I guess.

“Everybody talks about the Stunner. You should feel the kick. The kick before it, boom, right to the guts.”

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