Pitchside mics pick up Sean Dyche’s sweary rant against City

Sean Dyche is a pretty terrifying bloke, isn’t he?

The kind of guy that would probably be great to have a pint with, but at the same time you’re scared sh*tless the whole time that you might say something that will upset him.

Last night we caught a glimpse at what that might sound like…

After a hefty challenge from Raheem Sterling on Matthew Lowton, let’s just say Dyche voiced his displeasure with the attacker – something along the lines of the attacker “spending half of his time on the floor” interjected with a few “f*ckings”.

If there’s one remotely good thing about having no crowds in grounds, it is these little outbursts we get to hear that we would have otherwise missed.

Obviously Pep’s side went on to win the game 3-0, because this is the Carabao Cup and that’s just what they do and they’ll probably win the whole thing, because again, it’s the Carabao.

Featured image credit: Getty