Premier League release video to educate fans about taking the knee

The Premier League have bolstered their anti-racism stance this season by creating awareness about taking the knee while informing fans why players do it.

Some of the critics last season said that they did not agree with the anti-racism stance owing to what they thought was a Marxist alliance in doing the act.

Thankfully no such confusion should be made this time around as the Premier League have gone to great lengths to explain the reasons behind the protest and why players do it.

Before the match begins the referees will be sounding a whistle to allow players the chance to get down on one knee to remind the world about such matters.

Rio speaks up

Rio Ferdinand, who was behind the Premier League’s recent video, talking about how taking the knee is so important.

“Why do players take the knee?”

“Racism isn’t a comfortable conversation, but racism never went away.”

“Racism is a real problem. It’s societal. It’s blatant prejudice. It’s more than social media abuse” he said. “It’s certainly bigger than football.”

The six-time Premier League champion rallies against the suggestion from some that taking the knee is merely a gesture.

“This here is much more than just a gesture,” he begins.

“It’s about recognising reality and demanding a change. It’s a symbol of pride; pride in identity, pride in using our platform for change. That’s why players take the knee.”

“So if you’re a supporter… support this.”