PSG are considering terminating Sergio Ramos deal before he plays for The club

Paris Saint-Germain are reportedly considering terminating the contract of Sergio Ramos, only months after his arrival in the capital.

The 35-year-old, who is set to turn 36 in March, has yet to make his official debut for the French giants. Ramos arrived on a two-year deal in July after dramatically confirming that his long tenure with Real Madrid would finally be coming to an end.

Unfortunately, a string of injury issues has ensured that the number four hasn’t actually made his full debut yet for PSG. His last game went down in May when he featured for Madrid in their Champions League defeat to Chelsea.

As per recent reports, Paris Saint-Germain do not believe that releasing Ramos is as unlikely as previously thought.

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How much have PSG already paid Sergio Ramos?

There are plenty of figures that have been touted with regards to what Ramos is making at PSG. The most prevalent one seems to be €12 million per season and if we use that as a benchmark, he may have been paid upwards of €3-4 million. He has received all of this money without setting foot on the pitch.

One could make the argument that, even when he’s not playing, Sergio Ramos is an important figure to have around the club for morale. After all, he’s an experienced player who has won the biggest trophies in football. However, it’s a hefty fee to pay for someone to lift the mood.

How likely is it to happen?

Paris Saint-Germain have invested an awful lot in the Sergio Ramos project. We can’t imagine it ending this early on. The club is eight points clear at the top of Ligue 1 and have looked solid enough in the Champions League thus far, but it can never hurt to add such an experienced name back into the mix.

Ramos may be a bit rusty once he eventually does return. But firing him would be quite a dramatic statement to make.

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