PSG Football Advisor Luis Campos avoids punishment for bizarre pitch-side showing vs Lille

PSG football advisor Luis Campos will reportedly not receive any punishment for angrily coming down to the touchline during Les Parisien’s stunning 4-3 victory over Lille last weekend.

The Sunday game was full of ups and downs for the Ligue 1 leaders. But, when PSG trailed 3-2, a furious Luis Campos felt that he had to intervene.

TV cameras picked up Campos as he left his seat in the stands to venture down to pitch-side. The director then began giving instructions animatedly to the stars on the pitch. Meanwhile, the *actual* manager, Christophe Galtier, stood beside Campos throughout the odd scenario.

Whether Campos’ words or actions helped is up for debate, but PSG did overturn their deficit to win the game. However, both PSG and Luis Campos feared the wrath of the LFP for his unannounced arrival in the dugout.

According to L’Equipe, Campos should be in the clear, though. His credentials as a senior figure at the club mean that the director could go down to the touchline. Campos was, therefore, well within his rights to stand behind his manager.

Although he could not sit on the bench, as he was not named as part of the coaching staff.

In addition, match referee Willy Delajod did not mention Campos’ antics in his match report. As a result, LFP feel an investigation is not necessary as his frustrations were not aimed at officials.

Unfortunately, though, the sporting advisor’s actions could have a negative impact internally.

PSG coach defends Luis Campos over dramatic touchline scenes

Critics may argue that Campos has undermined his team’s manager by making his way to the pitch to deliver instructions. But head coach Christophe Galtier does not see it like that.

Instead, he believes the football director’s antics showed his passion for success.

“I’m in front of him, so I can’t see behind. Of course, there are images that circulate. But Luis is a passionate, competitive man,” commented Galtier, via Get Football News France. “[He is showing] a great desire to succeed collectively.

“Luis is part of the technical and sporting team. And I have no problem with that as there is no intervention on a tactical or technical level. There is passion.”

Despite his assertions, this is not the first time that Campos has got himself involved in Galtier’s managing.

Campos disrupts half-time team talk

Previously, Goal reported that the PSG manager was furious at his club’s director following an incident during their match against Monaco. At half-time of Les Parisiens’ 3-1 defeat to the principality, Campos angrily came down to the dressing room and shouted at the squad.

This was surely frustrating, as the manager must feel that it is his job to address the squad at the interval.

The incident also had the knock-on effect of annoying the players, too. Last week, Neymar confirmed that he, Marquinhos, and Luis Campos had an argument after the Monaco defeat.

PSG are out of the Coupe de France already and have endured a pretty sub-par 2023 in Ligue 1. They are also facing an uphill battle against Bayern Munich in the Champions League. Both Galtier and Campos are thus in the hot seat throughout the coming weeks.  

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