Ric Flair tells WWE how to utilise Cody Rhodes ahead of reported return

Ric Flair has advised the WWE on how they should utilise Cody Rhodes to maximise his star power, amid his reported return to the company.

According to reports, Rhodes has re-signed with the WWE. He originally left the world’s premier wrestling promotion in 2016.

It was argued that the American was not able to reach his full potential during his first WWE run. But that all changed when he took a leading role in starting up AEW in 2019. Rhodes became a three-time AEW TNT Champion and a PPV star. Wrestling fans began to see just how much talent the former WWE Superstar possessed.

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In February, he decided to leave the company where he had enjoyed the best spell of his career. It appears he had one goal in mind. According to PWInsider, multiple WWE sources have confirmed that Rhodes has signed a contract to return to his former company.

Despite various Cody-related references from WWE personnel – and from fans – the company is yet to officially announce the return of one of their former stars.

On a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, esteemed journalist Dave Meltzer revealed that this is no coincidence. They’re doing what they do bestbuilding hype. Rhodes is set for the ultimate resurgence, as it is rumoured that he will collide with Seth Rollins in a mega WrestleMania match-up.

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However, there’s no denying that ‘The Dashing One’ is taking a massive risk. The WWE clearly didn’t recognise his potential the first time around, so what’s to say they will this time?

We don’t know how it will all pan out, but a wrestling icon has given his opinion on how things should unfold.

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Ric Flair gives his verdict on Cody Rhodes

Ric Flair is an in-ring legend, with 16 world titles to back up his boasts. So it’s fair to say that his opinion on all things wrestling holds a lot of weight in the community.

Flair has competed with the best there is and knows a star when he sees one. The sportsman spent many years colliding with Cody’s father, Dusty, in various promotions, and the pair developed a very tight bond.

They shared many amazing matches, including an epic battle at the 1986 Great American Bash. After a terrific encounter, Rhodes pinned his opponent to win the NWA World Title.

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Speaking on his podcast, the Ric Flair Woooo Nation Uncensored (quotes via WrestlingNews), about how WWE should use Rhodes in his return, he said: “Cody is a really good talker. I’d have him go out there to say what it takes from the heart, and he would be very well received.

“He’s really pulled his dad’s legacy. It’s come full circle back with WWE. His dad was such a big star for so many years.

“I think if he walked out the door in Texas – of course, his dad is from Austin – dressed up, he’s into clothes, which you know, I’m a big fan of that. I’d make him the hottest heel in the country.

“Actually, I would listen to what the crowd said when he walked out at Mania. That would be my opinion. I would say walk out there. Let it breathe. Let the crowd chant what they think.”

There’s obviously massive pressure on Rhodes. But, if he has indeed re-signed, Vince McMahon and WWE need to give him the best platform to succeed to not repeat their previous mistakes.

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