Robbie Keane: Top Five Moments of the Tottenham Legend’s Career

With a sensational finishing touch and an unrelenting will to win, Robbie Keane, has cemented his place as a Tottenham legend, and to celebrate his career, we’re looking back at his top five moments.

Born in Dublin, Ireland, the formidable striker worked tirelessly, doing everything in his power to become the best version of himself. And proving his sacrifices worthwhile, he climbed up the ranks en route to becoming a forward that rendered defenders terrified. So, without further ado, let’s have a look back at the best memories the icon gave us.

5) Robbie Keane joins LA Galaxy

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While some view moving to the MLS as the first foot in the door of retirement, we prefer to see it as a celebration of what the player has achieved throughout their career. After all, to generate the attention of the US fans you really do have to have gone above and beyond. And it’s fair to say Keane did just that.

4) Robbie Keane demolishes Everton with stunning hat-trick

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Throughout his career, the Irishman regularly left defenders dumbfounded with his sublime footwork, but even by his standards, this was insane. The prolific forward left Everton wishing they’d never made the trip down south with a heroic performance.

In just 33 minutes, the predatory finisher bagged three goals, the last of which came with just seven minutes left, to secure his side a 4-3 victory. And to really rub salt into the wounds, he performed a cartwheel before shooting an arrow into the crowd.

3) Robbie Keane wins the League Cup

While Keane’s skill was never in doubt, without a trophy in his cabinet, it’s fair to say he was missing the cherry on top of the cake. However, in 2008, he proved his calibre when he guided Tottenham to a 2-1 victory over Chelsea to secure League Cup glory.


He even had the privilege of leading his team up the steps to lift the trophy above their heads in front of their adoring supporters.

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2) Robbie Keane is Ireland’s number one goal scorer

While some players fail to perform on the international stage, Keane always rose to the big occasion. In spectacular stats, the 43-year-old scored a whopping 63 goals for his country, which currently places him as the top dog in the British Isles. And while Harry Kane is hot on his tale, for now, it’s he who has the bragging rights.

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1) Robbie Keane stuns Germany

In a World Cup group match, in which his side were hefty underdogs, Keane proved his class. On a sweltering 2002 night in Japan, with his side 1-0 down, the icon knew he needed to produce something big. And he didn’t disappoint.

In a moment of pure magic, in the 92nd minute, he retrieved the ball from Niall Quinn and proceeded to smash it past a helpless Oliver Kahn to give the Irish travelling contingent a memory they will never forget.

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