Roy Keane brilliantly spells out what makes fans disrespectful

Roy Keane has given his thoughts on fans who approach footballers and why he doesn’t believe they’re being “respectful”.

For many, many years now it’s become common to see footballers and any celebrities of note being harassed in the public eye. They’re the source of great adulation and intrigue for millions across the globe and because of that, fans want to see them up close and personal.

Does Roy have a point?

Unfortunately the feeling isn’t always mutual with many athletes previously getting into trouble, or being perceived as “rude”, for simply not wanting to communicate with their fans in day to day life.

Roy Keane is a man who has always positioned himself as a “moody” member of the football family and that dates all the way back to his days with Manchester United. During a recent chat with former teammate Gary Neville, the Irishman spoke about how he sees the relationship between supporters and players.

“I just think because people are busy and they see someone who might be in the public eye and they go “ah I just want a piece of you okay, sign that”, even City fans come up [to me] and say ‘want a photograph?’. You want a photograph with me? Why? To me it’s a busy-ness, it’s not a respect thing. I think the people who respect you leave you alone. If I saw Bob Dylan coming down here with his guitar I’d probably just go “alright Bob” and let him walk by, I wouldn’t go ‘ah wanna get a photograph Bob?!’”

Love him or hate him, nobody can deny that Roy Keane doesn’t pull any punches.

Featured image credit: Getty