Russian users have been removed from Fantasy Premier League

Russian players have been banned from playing Fantasy Premier League in the latest football response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The popular game has become a massive part of the footballing experience for fans around the globe.

But the game has decided to remove Russian players until further notice. Fantasy Premier League joins the rest of the sporting world who are making decisions on their responses to the invasion.

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FIFA and UEFA, for instance, have banned Russia’s national team and clubs from partaking in any of their events. In addition, EA Sports have reacted by removing all of the European country’s sides from Fifa 22.

Furthermore, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has faced strict sanctions imposed by the UK government.

All of his UK assets have been frozen, including Chelsea. The club cannot sell tickets or merchandise. The Blues have also lost their sponsorship deal with network provider Three.

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In addition, Abramovich has been disqualified as a club director by the Premier League.

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Scenarios such as these have presented themselves to every sport on the planet. Athletics and badminton have banned all Russian competitors, while all four of boxing’s major sanctioning bodies have chosen to no longer sanction contests which take place inside Russia.

Russians banned from Fantasy Premier League

According to the Daily Mirror, the Premier League have banned a whopping 12,000 accounts from the Fantasy Premier League game.

Players who have Russia designated as their home country will not be able to play the game. Out of the deleted accounts, it has been reported that 22 of the teams were ranked within the top 10,000 of all players. The mini-league containing players from Russia has also been deleted, as per the above report.

The Premier League is doing what it can to show its solidarity with Ukraine. Furthermore, they recently suspended their broadcasting deal with Russian broadcasting giants Okko Sport.

They said: “The league strongly condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. We call for peace, and our thoughts are with all those impacted.”

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