Sean Dyche shares incredible story of giving team talk with Danny Dyer in back of cab

Burnley manager Sean Dyche has shared an unbelievable story about a team talk he gave alongside Danny Dyer and Kasabian’s Serge Pizzorno.

We all know Dyche to be one of the Premier League’s more entertaining gaffers. Still, this is a scorcher of a tale even by his standards.

“He was off his nut”

During an interview with talkSPORT, the aforementioned Dyer rang up and asked Dyche the following question.

“Morning Sean, Danny Dyer here,” he said. “We once had a random journey in the back of a cab. Can you remember what I asked you to do? Because I can’t, because I was off me nut! Toodle pip!”

Dyche, surprisingly, responded and confirmed that it was true.

“It’s a true story, it was a static cab I must say,” Dyche said. 

“At a mutual friend’s wedding they had a static cab. You went in the back and did a video for the bride and groom. Danny and the fella who’s wedding it was, they asked me to do a team talk. So I did a team talk in the back of a cab in someone’s garden to a video screen. 

“I believe the bride and groom have still got the video and have a laugh about it. “And yes, he was off of his nut, without a shadow of a doubt!“

After Laura Woods asked whether the rumour of Serge Pizzorno also being there were true, Dyche had a simple answer.

“He certainly was.”

Most are in agreement that Sean Dyche has done a splendid job at Burnley. From getting them into Europe to making them Premier League regulars, he’s exceeded expectations and then some.

But if he wants to put that all to one side for a bit in favour of writing an autobiography, we’d be all for it.

Featured image credit: Getty