Sergio Aguero doesn’t think Erling Haaland is the key for Manchester City winning the Champions League

Erling Haaland has looked sensational since his arrival at Manchester City, but Sergio Aguero doesn’t think his presence alone will be enough to guarantee his old club Champions League success.

While some wondered whether the Norwegian sensation had been overhyped, he’s proved in abundance that he’s just as good as the experts claimed. In an incredible first season, he’s showcased his phenomenal pace and skills, en route to bagging 42 goals in 37 appearances. But as Aguero points out, you can’t rely on one player.

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Speaking via his official blog for Stake, he said: “That’s not the case, in my opinion. City needed a striker with clinical finishes in the last yards of the field, and that’s the type of addition they were wanting. But a single player can never guarantee a title. It’s about the team. Particularly Manchester City, as their main weapon is strong collective play.”

However, despite his stance, he still gives ‘The Cityzens’ a good chance against Bayern Munich.

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Sergio Aguero previews Manchester City vs Bayern Munich

On April 11, Manchester City will collide with the German giants in an eagerly-anticipated quarter-final match-up. And Aguero can’t wait to watch the action unfold.

He beamed: “It will be some tie, very interesting to watch. It will undoubtedly be a high-octane bracket, as you would expect from two elite teams like City and Bayern. Two great teams facing each other – the draw willed it to be a quarter-final, but this could easily have been a semi-final, or even a final. But, whatever the instance, if you want to win the Champions League, you have to beat every rival you face.”

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And while Bayern know precisely what to expect from Haaland, they’ve never seen him perform in a team of City’s ilk.

Aguero added: “They know Haaland well enough in Germany, and they know what he can do. None of this should come as a big surprise to them. The main difference is that he’s in a team like City now – which has a great offensive playing style with many possible variations. They need to figure out how to stop the whole team, not just Haaland.”

With the two teams so evenly matched, the Argentinian struggled to make a pick. But in the end, he opted to side with his heart.

He concluded: “I can say that it will be a great game. Both are offensive teams that want to handle the ball and seek the net. The one that’s the most lethal near the opposing goal while holding fast on defence will win, as usual. Manchester City has to be my pick. They are showing brilliant play, and a diverse arsenal of tools to bring the hurt on rivals.”

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