Should John Fury fight in BKFC? — Danny Christie reveals all ahead of Newcastle showdown

With fighting blood coursing through his veins, Danny Christie has developed a massive reputation in the combat sports community, with John Fury welcoming the bare-knuckle star into his home to exchange stories of their time in the ring.

Having taken on addiction and overcome shooting and stabbing incidents, ‘The Ba**ard’ has proven his warrior spirit beyond doubt, going above and beyond to carve out a commendable road to redemption, which has led to him featuring on BKFC Prospect Series: Newcastle, on June 8.

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Danny Christie reveals whether John Fury will fight in BKFC

Blessed with grit and determination, the Carlisle fighter has captured the attention of the masses, regularly spending time with the great John Fury. But while many would love to see the father of the former WBC heavyweight champion in the BKFC (Bare-Knuckle Fighting Championship) ring, Christie wouldn’t be too keen.


In an exclusive interview with Sporf, he explained: “Personally, I can’t see it. I think it would be good for the public, but I don’t see it. I’ve got a lot of respect for John. He’s been nothing but kind and courteous towards me. He’s had me in his house many times, and he’s had me sparring with his son. John’s also let me in his gym. I’ve just got a lot of time and respect for him, and he’s done me a lot of favours. Big up, John Fury.”

While the world would love to see the 69-year-old back up his boasts in the squared circle, BKFC is unlikely the place to do it. The promotion places enormous importance on fighter safety and matches its competitors accordingly.

Each contest in the organisation has four referees, with owner, David Feldman, investing heavily in additional medical professionals at ringside to ensure that those in the heat of battle receive the care they deserve.

However, while safety is of paramount importance, the protocols don’t take away from the excitement that takes place under the lights, with the likes of Mike Perry and Christie himself, delivering moments that will last a lifetime.

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The British icon explained: “I’ve got so many bare-knuckle heroes in this game. Mike Perry. does what Mike Perry does. He brings a lot of eyes to the BKFC. He’s obviously a superstar, but it goes above and beyond Mike Perry. Everyone who competes in BKFC gets my respect.

“I’ve had many fights on the street and many glove fights. However, nothing compares to bare-knuckle. There’s no animal like it.

Danny Christie is ready to produce an epic performance at BKFC Prospect Series: Newcastle

On June 8, the 37-year-old will walk to the ring with the intent of delivering yet another breathtaking showing.

From taking drugs and brawling in the streets, Christie’s life once looked bleak, but through the power of God and BKFC, he’s become a beacon of hope for young fighters around the country.

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He explained: “I think faith is something we have to find ourselves. It’s a bit like wisdom. It can’t be taught. Trying to teach a kid about the power of faith can fall on deaf ears. It’s something that you have to feel yourself. God’s in my heart. I’ve had God in my life long before I ever knew that I had God in my life. I’ve been protected from a higher power since the day I was born.

“BKFC has given me the drive, purpose and incentive that I need to live a better life. Without something to make me get in the gym and something that demands I get in fight shape, I would probably just spend a lot of time on the couch.”

Fans can buy tickets for the event at the Walker Activity Dome, here.

Featured Image Credit: Danny Christie / BKFC