Six of football’s most bizarre injuries

Injuries are something that no footballer wants to have to endure – whether they be minor sprains or niggles, or more serious injuries.

They can have either short-term and long-term effects depending on the severity of the injury, and problems arise for club and international managers when the injuries begin to pile up.

But not all injuries occur on the training pitch and the field of play. Let’s take a look at six of the most bizarre injuries suffered by a footballer:

Carlos Tevez

Carlos Tevez has been no stranger to controversy throughout his footballing career, but neither is he a stranger to bizarre injuries.

In 2018, the then Boca Juniors forward went to visit his brother in prison, before getting involved in a kickabout with the inmates.

One muscle tear later and Tevez was ruled out of action by the medical staff after returning to the club.

Rio Ferdinand

If you thought that playing FIFA was a way to enjoy some of the thrills of football without getting yourself injured, you thought wrong. Well, almost.

Whilst at Leeds United, Rio Ferdinand once strained knee tendons by having his feet up on a coffee table while playing the popular video game.

Liam Lawrence

In 2008, Stoke City’s Liam Lawrence walked up the stairs at his home – before tripping over his dog and injuring his ankle.

X-rays showed no break on the ankle, which will have been a relief for the Irish midfielder – but he still had to undergo surgery on a torn ligament and missed plenty of game time.

Richard Wright

When Richard Wright went to warm up prior to Everton‘s FA Cup fourth-round replay with Chelsea in 2006, he was greeted by a warning notice not to practice in the goalmouth.

Wright went to practice in the goalmouth – and fell over the sign, with the goalkeeper suffering a broken ankle as a result.

What made the injury even worse for the Toffees was that first-choice goalkeeper Nigel Martyn was already ruled out with injury. Third-choice Iain Turner took over for the next few games.

Ever Banega

Argentina midfielder Ever Banega missed the remainder of the 2011/12 after suffering a broken tibula and fibula, as well as a fractured left ankle, in February 2012.

The then Valencia midfielder caused the injury by running himself over with his own car. Yes, you read that right.

It was widely reported at the time that Banega had left his car’s handbrake on, stepped out of it and was run over as the car rolled backwards.

His club then confirmed that he had suffered an “automobile mishap“.

Darius Vassell

Leaving perhaps the most bizarre injury on this list until last – this is one is courtesy of former England striker Darius Vassell.

Vassell was suffering from a blood blister on his toe which was causing him issues. His resolution was to attack the blister with an electric drill to attempt to drain the fluid.

The result was that the forward now had a blood infection and had to have the nail removed, which caused the Aston Villa striker to miss several games in 2003.

Villa boss Graham Taylor said on the injury: “He really shouldn’t have been trying to sort the problem out himself. There are people on the staff readily available to have treated the problem.”

Featured Image Credit: Getty