Six Olympic swimmers sent home following admin error

Poland have sent home six swimmers from the Olympic Games after selecting too many participants by mistake.

The nation had initially selected 23 individuals that would make the trip over to Tokyo for the rescheduled Summer Olympics which, as we know, has been marred in controversy for months now with many wondering whether or not it should even still go ahead.

The ultimate error

The figure then had to be cut down to 17 as a result of FINA’s qualifying rules and regulations, prompting the following statement from Polish Swimming Federation president Pawel Slominski.

“I express great regret, sadness and bitterness about the situation,” he said. 

“Such a situation should not take place, and the reaction of the swimmers, their emotions, the attack on the Polish Swimming Federation is understandable to me and justified.”

Many other members of the team have written to the PZP calling for them to resign with Alicja Tchorz, one of the unlucky six, writing the following on social media.

“Imagine dedicating five years of your life and striving for another start at the most important sporting event, giving up your private life and work, sacrificing your family and your dedication results in a total flop,” she said.

There are millions of fans around the world who can’t wait to see the opening ceremony on Friday and, from there, will soak in every single moment of this two-week extravaganza in Japan. Still, it’s hard not to feel a sense of uncertainty with some rumours indicating the Games could be cancelled whilst they’re actually happening as a result of increased COVID-19 cases in the Olympic Village.

The ideal situation would be for the Games to go off without too many errors but between stories like this and the pandemic still raging, things aren’t off to the best of starts.

Featured image credit: Getty