Someone has made a brutal compilation of the worst tackles on Messi

Another Twitter compilation has been created of Lionel Messi – although it isn’t the usual unbelievable skills, tricks and goals that we normally see.

This one is a compilation of the extent in which opposition players go to in order to attempt to stop the Argentinian genius – and how he gets up, time after time.

Messi is a once-in-a-generation – once-in-a-lifetime – footballer, and at the age of 34, he is still wielding his magic on the game.

He has nearly 700 career goals for Barcelona, as well as a further 39 for Argentina. He has scored 30 times in every season since 2008/09.

He has won 10 LaLiga titles, four Champions League trophies and six Ballon D’Or’s (as well as The Best FIFA Men’s Player award in 2019) . In the last 12 UEFA Team of the Years, Messi’s name has been absent on just one occasion.

Some backlines will double, even treble up on him. Others will sit as deep as possible to give them the best opportunity of blocking off those mazy runs from deep.

On other occasions, he is tackled or fouled in brutal fashion.

That’s what we see plenty of in this compilation:

There’s knee-high tackles, elbows and even a kick to the face by one defender.

On one of the clips, Real Madrid pair Sergio Ramos and Lassana Diarra both try to slide tackle Messi, taking each other out in the process – before Xabi Alonso carries the ball away.

In a later clip, Marcelo cleans him out from the side with a fierce-looking challenge. Unsurprisingly, Real feature prominently throughout the footage.

Plenty of the tackles shown would be red card worthy offences – but they didn’t stop Messi from playing on and continuing to showcase his footballing genius.

Featured Image Credit: Getty