Sport Retailer Wiggle Is Giving Away Free Beer At UK’s Most Remote Pub

Given the heatwave that’s currently turning the UK into the inside of a McDonald’s apple pie, the last thing you would ordinarily suggest as an activity would be a 15-mile hike. But what if I told you sport retailer Wiggle was offering free beer at the end of said hike?

Because that is exactly what is happening from 1st July. And they are doing so by teaming up with Knoydart Brewery to launch Trale; a brand new, limited-edition beer that will be available only at The Old Forge  – officially the UK’s most remote pub.

The beer will be given away for FREE. No, your eyes are not dreaming. FREE to anyone who takes on the 15-mile hike to reach The Old Forge. All you have to do is say ‘Wiggle’ at the bar. To the bartender, mind. Don’t just say it to one of the regulars. You might get booted out.

An Ale Trale For The Ages

Trale has been crafted with hikers and adventurers in mind. This is truly a beer for those who love exploring the great outdoors. The renowned hike to the Old Forge is traditionally done over two days, but can be achieved in around eight hours if you’re really in the mood for a free beer or two.

Boasting unbeatable views of the Scottish Highlands, the hike itself has contributed heavily to The Old Forge’s now legendary status, with many keen to tick it off their bucket list.

Nestled on the northern shore of Loch Nevis on the Knoydart Peninsula, the pub offers an utterly unique experience. Not to mention a breathtaking landscape. And now, a complimentary beer awaits all arrivals at the bar, courtesy of Wiggle.

The beer itself clocks in at 5.1%. It’s a golden ale with hints of citrus, brewed with single malt and single hop. Created at Knoydart Brewery, an independent microbrewery which is also the most remote in the UK. Trale comes from an experienced team who know exactly what’s going to satisfy the palate. Especially after 15 miles on foot.

“A Special Experience”

“At Wiggle, we’re always up for it, whatever the activity,” shared Huw Crwys-Williams, CEO at Wiggle, when talking about the partnership with Old Forge and Knoydart.

“We’re delighted to have partnered with The Old Forge and Knoydart Brewery to create this unique new beer, while celebrating the very best of what the beautiful British outdoors has to offer. Visiting this remote peninsula is a special experience and we hope that gifting hikers and punters with a Trale will make it even more special… just remember to quote “Wiggle” when at the bar!”

Stephanie Harris, of The Old Forge, said of the partnership with Wiggle, “We are very excited to be partnering with Wiggle to showcase the beauty and adventure our little part of the world has to offer – and the great Knoydart beer!

“Having recently carried out an extensive refurb on our community-owned pub, we are looking forward to reopening the doors and welcoming folk in at the end of their epic trail over the hills of the Rough Bounds to get here. Slainte.” 

Free Trales will be given away at The Old Forge from July 1st. They will be limited to two per person, while stocks last. A limited number of non-alcoholic alternatives will also be available.

Now, if you don’t mind me, I’m just off to find my hiking boots. And someone who can carry me for 15 miles to the Old Forge. See you there.