Suarez produced another moment of sh**housery against Chile

Luis Suarez came up with a new way of time-wasting during Uruguay’s Copa America clash with Chile last night.

Both sides were level at 1-1 going into injury time, with Arturo Vidal’s 66th minute own goal cancelling out Eduardo Vargas’s opener for Chile.

Having lost their opening game of Group A against Argentina, the result would have recorded Uruguay their first point of the competition.

And Suarez was determined to ensure that his side got at least that point.

With the clock ticking towards 87 minutes, Chile goalkeeper Claudio Bravo stepped up to take a goal kick – only to find Suarez stood directly to the left of him.

The forward had decided this to be the moment to take his boot off and put it on again, which he did so in unsurprisingly slow fashion.

Suarez then took a few steps before going down to fix his boot again, this time in front of the goalkeeper.

Bravo – who knows Suarez well from the pair’s time together at Barcelona – tried to kick the ball between his opponent’s legs, but in the end had to stand and watch as Suarez walked away.

Uruguay were able to hold on for the draw, which puts them in fourth in Group A.

Four out of the five teams from the group qualify for the quarter-finals. Only Bolivia are behind Uruguay in the group, although they have only played once.

Uruguay are still searching for their first victory of 2021. They have now gone five matches without a victory since defeating Colombia 3-0 on November 13 last year.

Featured Image Credit: Copa America Twitter