‘The craziest dog in the world’ — Sam Creasey on his English Bull Terrier experience ahead of Oktagon 56

From beagles to border collies, there’s undeniably a wide array of crazy dogs out there, but according to Sam Creasey, nothing quite compares to the English Bull Terrier.

Blessed with remarkable athleticism and an unrelenting will to win, the English fighter has proven himself as one of the toughest men on the continent, earning himself a shot against Aaron Aby for flyweight gold at Oktagon 56. But while he possesses the tools to render any opponent who dares set foot in the cage with him unconscious, behind his hard exterior, stands a caring family man who loves nothing more than spending time with his dogs.

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Sam Creasey adores English Bull Terriers

Renowned for their sticky-up ears and iconic long faces, the English Bull Terrier is often misunderstood by those who aren’t too familiar with the breed. While many assume them to be aggressive, those who’ve had the good fortune of spending time with these energetic animals take huge enjoyment in their amusing and mischievous antics.

While often stubborn, English Bull Terriers are playful, endearing, and irrefutably devoted to their owners. And having had two of these magnificent creatures myself, Molly and Malcolm, I know the one aspect that truly sets them apart from other dogs is their sheer craziness, which Creasey can attest to. Despite losing his beloved Lunar, the martial artist has many happy memories of watching his dog spin around in circles and run head-first into trees.

In an exclusive interview with Sporf, he laughed: “There is no other dog like them; they are absolutely nuts. They’re probably my favourite dog, honestly. I really miss ours.

“The absolute delight she’d get when we went out walking. The spinning, spinning, spinning, ‘When is she gonna stop’? And then, she’s off. She’s flying along. And then she’d probably run into a tree through sheer stupidity and excitement and then start spinning again.”

While Lunar is no longer with us, Creasey, who owns several dogs, joyfully welcomed a new puppy into his family back in January.

He explained: “Willow is a couple of months old now; she’s doing really good. She’s a naughty puppy, as you’d expect, but she’s joined the pack, and she’s been welcomed into our family.”


Sam Creasey aims to make the world a better place

When the 2x Cage Warriors champion isn’t looking after his dogs, he’s chasing greatness in MMA. But unlike many successful fighters that have come before him, ‘Urai’ doesn’t fixate on playing mind games; instead, he strives to spread a message of positivity.

Creasey asserted: “For a lot of people, fighting is a very violent sport. However, I want to bring love and peace to the world and people around me. I spend a lot of time helping people who are going through tough things in their lives and being a counsellor in some ways to the people I do PTs with. Through our sessions, we can grow as humans and solve problems. It’s a big part of me now. I like to give back.”

Sam Creasey eyes Oktagon glory

The philosophical fighter, who has previously held a flag with the words, ‘We are all one’ written across it in his efforts to unite the world, is just days away from the biggest night of his life.

On April 20, with tattoos dedicated to his grandmother on the left side of his body and his warrior spirit on the right, the sportsman will walk to the cage to take on a man whom he has so much respect for.

His opponent, Aaron Aby, has overcome so much outside of competition, having taken on cancer and emerged the victor. In addition, the Welshman came within touching distance of the Oktagon belt in his clash with Elias Garcia back in November. Thus, with the two men holding each other in such high regard, they’re aiming to produce a spectacle, with them both leaving the arena with their heads held high.

Creasey concluded: “I feel like I’m fighting the champion. I watched Aby vs Garcia, and I thought Aaron was winning the contest. He ended up with a cut. But that’s not really fight-ending for me. He’s going to bring a lot to the table, and you’re going to see me doing what I do best.

“It’s amazing. I’ve been the Cage Warriors champion, I’m gonna be the Oktagon champion too, I’m going to have both belts and show the world what I’m capable of.”

Fight fans can watch Oktagon 56, which takes place at the Resorts World Arena in Birmingham, live on DAZN.

Featured Image Credit: Oktagon MMA / Sam Creasey