The WWE-Netflix Crossovers We Need To See Happen

Over the past decade, Netflix has delivered some of the most important and influential TV shows, thought provoking documentaries and original films of the 21st century. The streaming behemoth has amassed a pile of awards almost as big as Joey Barton’s sense of delusion. And now, after years of true crime, quickly getting rid of Kevin Spacey and trying to decide what is and is not cake, Netflix has found its tag team partner. Much like the McMahon-Helmsey era reigned supreme in 1999/2000, from 2025 the WWE-Netflix era is in full effect.

For the bargainous sum of FIVE BILLION DOLLARS (I mean, when you’re already nursing a debt of $14bn, what’s another five when it secures you CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, Becky Lynch, Rhea Ripley and R-Truth every week?) Netflix has bagged itself the next 10 years of Monday Night Raw in the United States. Outside of the US, Raw will also air on the platform, alongside other flagship shows SmackDown and NXT, as well as every WWE Premium Live Event, including WrestleMania and the Royal Rumble.

Perhaps most intriguing of all, however, is the revelation that Netflix will indeed produce original WWE content.

Which got me to thinking.

What WWE-Netflix crossovers do we need to see happen from 2025 onwards?

Binge watching and bodyslams. Image: WWE

Truth be told, there is a list of pitches I’d like to make to the powers-that-be at Netflix that is longer than an Undertaker WrestleMania entrance. However, I’m not sure if any network execs have a spare 12 hours to watch the most self indulgent Powerpoint presentation of all time.

So, instead, I present to you a WrestleMania quality card of content ideas that will have Netflix dropping another five bill in no time…

The Last Dance But Make it Steve Austin During the Attitude Era

“So The Rock ambushes me on a damn bridge and throws my goddamn Smoking Skull belt in the river. And I took that personally”.

Tell me you wouldn’t cancel all your plans to binge watch 10 episodes of that? The Rock, Bret Hart, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Mick Foley, Paul Heyman and Jim Ross (OK, this would need a little leeway from AEW given his current place of employ) as talking heads? Ceaseless footage of Stone Cold Stunners, litres of lager being showered everywhere and a nostalgia fuelled drive down a memory lane full of shattered glass and earthquake inducing pops.

This episode should just be scored by JR’s commentary. Image: WWE

By the midway point of the first episode you’d be stomping a mudhole in your couch cushions through sheer adrenaline alone. By episode 10 you’ll only be wearing leather waistcoats, jean shorts and knee braces and you’ll be assuring everyone your new skin head and goatee look is NOT a Sean Dyche.

A New Season of Squid Game Where Every Loser is Murdered by Brock Lesnar

Squid Game broke blood splattered ground in 2021. Within four weeks it had accumulated over 1.5 billion hours worth of viewing time across 142 million Netflix member households, landing 14 Primetime Emmy nominaitons in the process. So for season two, why not recruit another game changing, big money drawing name to add a whole new dimension to the show?

Let’s face it, there was a lot of shooting in Squid Game. We are inundated with bullets in almost any crime drama and have been for the last 50 years. You know what we’ve not had on primetime television or major streaming services? A series where a 280 pound Viking German Suplexes a bunch of poor saps to death because they suck at marbles and Red Light, Green Light.

CM Punk Feuding With Phil Rosenthal Over the Slogan ‘Netflix and Phil’

It wasn’t long after the WWE-Netflix partnership was announced that CM Punk took to his Instagram story to share the above line with his 1.2 million devoted followers.

Just one problem. Everyone’s favourite PG Anthony Bourdain, Phil Rosenthal, has already had the same slogan attached to his name over the course of his six seasons of the beloved ‘Somebody Feed Phil’.

When you realise that’s not really a waiter who just shouted “It’s clobberin’ time”. Image: Netflix

Punk, real name Phil Brooks, has carved out a reputation for being, let’s say a bit rambunctious, shall we? The type of bloke who could start a fight in an empty room. Although he starts them in populated wrestling rings best. But the Straight Edge Superstar has history with colleagues daring to share his monikers. As ‘Best In The World’ Chris Jericho discovered just over a decade ago.

Now, imagine ‘nicest bloke in the world’ Phil Rosenthal. An eternally beaming beanpole of a human being. A ray of sunshine who wants to teach the world to sing (in perfect harmony). A man who looks like he could severely bruise if a strong wind caught him slightly the wrong way. Imagine this lovely, wholesome, delighted mother**ker just driving CM Punk bats**t mad over the course of a few months?

Schedule an entire season of Somebody Feed Phil around cities that Punk is going to be touring in with WWE. You’re telling me Punk disguising himself as a waiter or a sous chef and launching an entire bowl of spaghetti at an unsuspecting Phil’s dome wouldn’t be money? You’d binge watch Phil utilising Brad Garrett aka Robert Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond as his personal bodyguard wouldn’t you? Especially if he’s having to fend off a delirious CM Punk wielding a hardened baguette or a ladel of boiling bone broth.

The feud would naturally end with the pair making amends, sharing the slogan and filming a follow up to Phil’s existing Chicago episode, where ol’ Punker tours his new best friend around his favourite hometown spots. They then win the Tag Team titles together at WrestleMania.

The Undertaker: Making A Murderer

I mean, he ADMITTED to burning his parents’ funeral parlour to the ground with them and Kane inside. How did he avoid prison for that? He also sealed Paul Bearer inside a concrete crypt at the Great American Bash in 2004. Why is this man walking free?

Save it for the judge, pal. Image: WWE

Floor Is Lava: Royal Rumble Edition (Hosted by Kofi Kingston)

The Royal Rumble is literally one massive game of the floor is lava. Since Netflix already owns the rights to the gameshow and has spun three seasons out of it, why not make the fourth a Royal Rumble themed edition, hosted by the master of avoiding two footed elimination, Kofi Kingston?

The entire season can be shot across one drama, hi-jinks filled night in January. The more elaborate the method of avoiding elimination, the more points a participant earns (with Kingston serving as judge as well as host). Points can be traded for Time Outs, where an entrant cashes in for a breather. If an entrant earns enough points, they can simply choose to eliminate any one opponent who is currently in the match at that time. Kofi does a run-in at the end to eliminate Brock Lesnar and win the series as payback for his WWE Title loss to The Beast in 2019.

Queer Eye Does WrestleMania

The Fab Five may be imminently losing Bobby (the wound is still fresh so just assume this is currently being typed through a deluge of tears), but that doesn’t mean their work is done.

In fact, their biggest challenge may still lie ahead of them.

Only one faction can take down the Judgement Day. Image: Netflix

Big Jonny Van Ness and the gang are tasked with overhauling a WWE superstar in need of a gimmick change with the aim of getting them over enough in time for a marquee match on the WrestleMania card. Somehow Antony still manages to get f**king dips involved, but the idea proves to be a roaring success when Omos headlines both nights of WrestleMania 41 dressed like a cowboy who is also really into surfing.

Selling Sunset Flips

Going to be completly honest with you, this one is just a name…actually, wait, no, I’ve got it: The gals from the Oppenheim group must discover which WWE superstars execute the most picturesque sunset flips and then sell this ability to insufferably wealthy numbskulls around Los Angeles, who somehow find a use for it in their luxury, multi-millionaire compounds.

Season One culminates with Chad Gable accidentally sunset flipping a Mezcal Margerita into a Russian oligarch’s lap at an open house and somehow a fire starts. Otis rescues guests from the burning wreckage and Alpha Academy wind up facing Brett and Jason Oppenheim in a tag team match at WrestleMania.

Soooooooooo Netflix, when do we start?

Royal Rumble 2024 is the 37th annual Royal Rumble Premium Live Event and will emanate from St. Petersburg, Florida on Jan. 27. Tune in on the WWE Network or TNT Sports Box Office.