Timo Werner subject of huge gaffe at F1 Austrian Grand Prix

Chelsea forward Timo Werner was at the heart of a pretty embarrassing mistake from a Sky Sports presenter during the Austrian Grand Prix.

Werner, who was recently knocked out of Euro 2020 alongside the rest of the Germany squad, is known for being a big Formula 1 fan. He’s acknowledged his fandom in the past, having attended a few big events before, and he reaffirmed that during the Sky Sports broadcast.

Werner the goalkeeper?

“It’s my third Grand Prix, I went two times to Germany before and every time it is something special,” he said. “To see the cars normally on TV and now to watch them from two meters away is something very special.

He added: “I think it is something totally different to football because in football you have your own bubble two hours before the game where nobody talks to you.

“Here everyone is around you talking to you. It’s crazy how drivers manage, so you can learn a lot to be cool in front of a race. It’s a tough race.”

At the start of it all, however, the presenter made quite the gaffe when saying the following about the Blues striker.

“We’ve got Timo Werner here, Chelsea and Germany’s goalkeeper. How are you? Good to have you with us!”

Thankfully her blushes were mostly spared when Werner skipped over it – but either way, it was great to see Timo in a more relaxed, comfortable environment in the wake of a tough first season in English football that saw him score six goals across 35 PL appearances.

Werner will be hoping to play a featured role for Thomas Tuchel’s men next month when they begin their campaign against Villarreal in the Super Cup. The game will come three days prior to their Premier League opener against city rivals Crystal Palace.

Featured image credit: Getty