Train Controller and MMA star, Laetitia Blot, ready for Hexagone MMA 6

After a lifetime of hard work and dedication, Laetitia Blot can’t wait to defend her championship belt at Hexagone MMA 6.

Throughout her stunning journey in the world of combat sports, the 39-year-old has done everything in her power to make it to the top. And now, in front of a 6800-strong crowd at the Zenith Arena in Paris, France, she’ll have the opportunity to perform in front of her own people.

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After winning the belt in Dubai, the French star further proved why she’s considered one of the best athletes on the planet. But she can’t afford to let her recent success go to her head as she has an almighty challenge ahead of her.

On Sunday, January 22, the Flyweight Queen goes head-to-head with the only woman to have put a blemish on her almost perfect record. Back in 2021, Blot went to war with Ernesta Kareckaite, with the pair of animals laying it all on the line. But after three gruelling rounds, the judges scored it a draw, leaving both women with a bitter taste in their mouths. And after over a year of waiting, they will finally have an opportunity to settle their rivalry once and for all.

In an exclusive interview with SPORF, Blot showcased her sense of humour as she joked about her Lithuanian foe’s enormous height advantage.

The champion laughed: “She’s very tall, very different from me. Can you imagine a Giraffe and a Rhino?”

But despite the size differential, the Rennes native is confident in securing the victory.

She claimed: “I don’t have a crystal ball to see the future. But I’m going to win, do my best and keep the belt in my house.”

Hexagone MMA 6 headliner, Laetitia Blot, works as a train controller

In a storied career, Blot has proven herself in various martial arts. Blessed with incredible athleticism, the natural-born competitor has competed in the world championships in sambo and wrestling and even won gold in judo.

But away from competition, she spends the bulk of her time on public transport. By occupation, Blot works as a train controller, spending three nights a week away from home in Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris.

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She confessed: “It’s very difficult. I stay the night and leave in the morning. You can’t go training because the train is on time. The train is never late, haha; I’m kidding.

“You have to change your training because you’re tired. It’s hard. You have to have discipline. With the train, sometimes you work in the morning and sometimes at night. Sometimes I have to arrive in Amsterdam and go running to lose weight and go training; it’s so difficult. I’m only human.

“I don’t have a social life; I don’t have a boyfriend because I don’t have the time.”

Laetitia Blot loves overcoming the odds

While the grappler is several years older than her rival, she’s used to defying expectations. After being told she was too old for judo, Blot refused to listen to the haters, confident that she still had the ability to continue racking up the accomplishments.

In a message to her doubters, she asserted: “What the f**k, who are you to say that I’m too old? If I feel good, I can keep going. I’ve done sambo and wrestling after that. When they asked me to do MMA, I said, ‘yes, of course’. Age is just a number. I can prove to the girls that you can do MMA despite your age. Even just for training, be yourself and do what you want.”

And it’s this attitude that has resonated with the public. Blot doesn’t fight for the glitz and glamour, but for the love of her craft. And it’s this attitude that’s resonated with the public, and is ultimately helping build a sport that was technically illegal in her nation until 2020.

The pioneer beamed: “We’re happy to change the mind of the French people because they see us on the TV. This sport is amazing because it combines all elements of fighting, judo, Muay-Thai, wrestling. Francis Ngannou and Ciryl Gane are doing amazing and helping grow the sport.

“Hexagone make lots of fights with girls, so the organisation does a good job of putting women in the limelight. We make the same sacrifices and do the same training as the men. We can say, ‘we’re good, and we can do it’.

“For me, I just want to win this fight; the future comes after. I hope everyone likes me as a person. I want to put on a show for everybody, and hope everyone will be happy with Hexagone.”

With the fight just a day away, the anticipation is building. With both competitors so determined to walk away with the belt, this is a collision that you can’t afford to miss. So to make sure you catch every second of the action, make sure you have BT Sport locked and loaded for a night of fantastic entertainment.

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