Villarreal celebrate 100-year anniversary with incredible party

On March 10, Villarreal CF celebrated its 100th birthday with a remarkable celebration in front of almost 20,000 fans at the Estadio de la Cerámica.

In Spain, football is more than just a sport; it’s a way of life, a love affair that unites the supporters, bringing them all together on a weekly basis to cheer on their beloved team. Therefore, when a club like Villarreal reaches such an incredible milestone, it goes without saying that the fans come out in their masses to indulge in the festivities.

The iconic event celebrated every era of the team, and showcased seven music acts with a grand total of 600 individuals on stage in an evening that will remain in the fans’ memory for the rest of their lives.

The crowd loved all the socio-cultural nods to the club presented through a plethora of theatrical, musical and audiovisual components. Therefore, it’s fair to say the occasion had something for everyone.

The night commenced by showing the roots of the club, planted in the 1920s. The organisers paid tribute to the legend, Francisco Tàrrega, with two local musicians (cellist Alfonso Rochera and guitarist Sara Mezquita), who delivered an exceptional performance.

The documentation of the club’s journey quickly followed. Villarreal paid homage to founder, Jose Calduch. A pharmacist, visionary and football enthusiast, the historical figure was responsible for bringing football to the city.

The club, initially known as Club Atletico Foghetecaz, generated a huge following from the local youngsters who simply couldn’t get enough.

By 1954, the Spanish titans adopted their famous yellow kit and settled on the name Villarreal Club de Fútbol.

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Villarreal celebrate 100 fantastic years

Eventually, the team welcomed, Pascual Font de Mora. The icon blended playing, directing and presidential roles to carve the club into what it is today. He turned the side professional and helped them secure promotion to the Second Division after a final against Athletic Bilbao at the Santiago Bernabéu in 1970.

From that point onwards, the team entered the field to the tune of El Submarino Amarillo by Los Mustang. Of course, this played at the 100-year celebration as Groguet, the mascot, hyped the crowd, who all sang along.

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In 1994, Jose Manuel Llaneza entered the fray. He orchestrated the team’s institutional growth. He played a pivotal role in the transition of the transfer of power for the arrival of Fernando Roig in 1997. This was a historic moment for Villarreal. It established them as a team with a successful model, that focused on the future through the construction of the Training Ground and the firm and clear commitment to the academy.

In a significant upset, Roig guided his men to promotion to the First Division, a moment the fans will never stop talkingabout, similar to the Violincheli Brothers’ rendition of the club’s anthem.

Following on from the promotion, Villarreal quickly solidified their place among the sport’s big players. Moreover, they became the best-ever debuting team in the Champions League, by reaching the 2006 semi-finals. In addition, they finished second in La Liga in 2008.

Furthermore, the players developed a close relationship with the fans solidifying their reputation as a club with supporters at heart.

Villarreal celebration catches global attention

In a testament to their unrivalled ambition, the club continued to grow, making the Champions League twice more. However, eventually, their world came crashing down. In a huge shock, they were relegated to the Second Division. This rendered supporters devastated.

But in a testament to their unity, the Villarreal faithful rallied together to cheer the lads back to glory. The crowd relived this bitter-sweet memory through Salva Raceero, who left the 20,000 at the stadium in floods of tears.

Subsequently, with the help of CEO, Fernando Roig Negueroles, they quickly made it back to the top. He restructured the club by reducing costs and promoting the sporting project.

And they’ve continued performing well to this day. Consequently, the waiting line for season tickets is only growing longer. Moreover, they recently triumphed over Manchester United to claim the UEFA Europa League.

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Thus, to remember the crowning achievement, current team captains Raúl Albiol, Manu Trigueros, Gerard Moreno, Dani Parejo and Pau Torres, along with president Fernando Roig, lifted the trophy in front of the fans and reminisced about the special day.

To top off a brilliant evening, Nacho Cano joined forces with Amanda Digeon and Dani Rosado to perform Nacho Cano.

All-in-all the party was simply epic. So there’s nothing left to say other than, ‘let’s have a toast to the next 100 years’

Featured Image Credit: La Liga