Wayne Rooney would KO Jake Paul, according to Michael Bisping

In an encounter that would undeniably capture the imagination, Michael Bisping has picked Wayne Rooney to finish Jake Paul in a boxing match.

Regardless of your opinion on ‘The Problem Child’ as a person, the YouTuber’s explosion in the boxing world has been nothing short of mesmeric. With borderline no experience, we’ve watched the American render the likes of Tyron Woodley unconscious and become one of the biggest stars in the world. However, Bisping doesn’t think he’d have the minerals to take on the Scouser.

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Raised on the mean streets of Liverpool, the Manchester United legend grew up tough, having to fight his way to the top of the footballing world. And while he now lives a life of luxury, he’s never forgotten where he comes from, maintaining the warrior mentality that saw him become one of the best players on the planet.

Therefore, in Bisping’s mind, if the two were ever to set foot through the ropes, it would be the Brit coming away with the victory.

Michael Bisping claims Wayne Rooney would beat Jake Paul to a pulp

In an exclusive interview with Betway, he said: “Wayne Rooney is nowhere near the size of Jake Paul. But one thing we know, he’ll have tremendous footwork. This is a man that’s competed at the highest level of sport. He’s got the dedication and the discipline. He’s a scouser, and they’re tough people. Rooney’s used to having a row. He grew up in a tough part of Liverpool. He’ll have had many street fights. If he had a really good coach to take him under his wing, he can beat up that YouTuber all day long.”


However, while the former UFC champion is supremely confident in his countryman’s abilities, he might want to rewind his memory back to 2015. In the safety of his own kitchen, Rooney laced up the gloves for a sparring session with Phil Bardsley. Alas, things didn’t go as he’d have hoped, as the Scottish brute landed a brutal knock-out blow.

Therefore, if a match-up ever came to fruition, Paul would study that footage with a rye smile across his face.

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