Wolves U18s keeper makes five saves in stunning sequence

Wolves U18s goalkeeper James Storer made a name for himself over the weekend with one of the best collections of saves we’ve ever seen.

The next generation of English talent continue to rise up through the ranks of clubs up and down the country but Wolverhampton Wanderers, typically, hasn’t been a name associated with consistent academy success in recent years. Still, there’s always going to be a few diamonds in the rough that make it all the way to the top, and something tells us James Storer is going to have a real shot at doing just that based on some of his recent performances.

Today we’ll be focusing on one specific passage of play from Saturday when Wolves U18s went head to head with Manchester United U18s. It was always going to be a tough outing but with United 2-0 up just before half-time, Storer wanted to do everything in his power to prevent things from getting worse.

Star-making moment? 

The footage tells the whole story with Storer coming up with a parade of saves and the Red Devils not quite being able to believe what happened. The youngster had to dive, jump, parry the ball away and pretty much put himself in the firing line at every available opportunity.

It’s going to take a lot of work and time for Storer to take these reflexes and build on them even further but at the very least, this is a showreel surprise that’ll have a lot of scouts keeping tabs on the teenager.

Wolves lost 4-2 to United after fighting their way back to 2-2 and yet, James Storer will still be the name on most people’s lips.

Featured image credit: Getty