Wrexham confirm takeover interest…From Ryan Reynolds

Last night we were left scratching our heads as Wrexham confirmed Ryan Reynolds was one of the names interested in investing in the club.

Joining him in a potential bid is Rob McElhenney, star and creator of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

A post on their website confirmed the fan-owned club’s members have voted overwhelmingly for talks to proceed with the investment talks.

“As a result, talks with the proposed bidders will now continue and we are in a position to confirm the two people interested in investing in Wrexham AFC.

“Rob McElhenney is an American actor, director, producer and screenwriter, best known as the creator of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

“Ryan Reynolds is an award-winning Canadian actor, writer, producer and business entrepreneur whose credits include Marvel’s Deadpool.


“In due course, Mr. McElhenney and Mr. Reynolds will put forward their vision for Wrexham AFC and proposal for members to vote on at a second Special General Meeting.”

It wouldn’t be the first time Hollywood stars have become involved with a Welsh club, Mindy Kaling, star of the US Office was revealed as being among the stakeholders in an American consortium that purchased a controlling stake in Swansea City in 2016.

Featured image credit: Getty