WWE fans in hysterics as Ezekiel’s dad, younger brother appear on Raw

WWE fans were left in hysterics during the latest edition of Raw as more family members of Ezekiel were introduced to the show.

Ezekiel arrived on the Raw after WrestleMania to confront Kevin Owens. The pair have since been engaging in a feud, with Owens preaching to the world that Ezekiel is actually Elias.

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The feud has developed over recent months. WWE even made a backstage segment where Ezekiel and Elias were placed together. That further infuriated KO.

The ‘Elias’ character has only appeared on live programming once since the debut of Ezekiel, performing a concert during an episode of Raw. Owens staged an interruption, but Elias hit him over the head with his guitar.

Fans believed that the rivalry had come to an end last week. Ezekiel took on his rival in a singles match on Raw. However, Owens hit him with an apron powerbomb, which forced Ezekiel out of the arena on a stretcher.

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But he was back this week – albeit in a slightly surreal photo, where Ezekiel, with a neck brace on, was surrounded by members of his family.

WWE fans react as ‘Ernie, Jr’ makes his debut

In the segment, WWE fans learned of Ezekiel’s latest condition. However, they were also introduced to ‘Ernie, Jr’ – the father of Ezekiel. He cut a pre-recorded promo, promising Owens that he would get revenge for what the Canadian did to his son.

Then, a widescreen image of Ezekiel sitting in a hospital bed was projected to viewers. However, he was not alone. Stood by the bed were Elias, his younger brother Elrod, his mother and father, and another younger brother.

WWE fans aren’t quite sure where this feud is going next. With Owens fighting Drew McIntyre in a highly entertaining match this week – and setting his sights on the Undisputed Universal Championship – it will be interesting to see how Ezekiel and his ‘family’ fit in. We have no doubt that they’ll find a way, though.

Here’s how fans reacted:

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