WWE target one last run for Edge and Christian

After defeating Finn Balor at WWE Wrestlemania 39, the rumour mill is rife with talks that Edge could be about to reunite with his best friend, Christian.

At the peak of their powers, the pair of sporting icons formed one of the greatest partnerships of all time. With a blend of charisma and outright talent, the duo delivered a plethora of incredible matches, en route to winning the Tag Team Championship an incredible seven times.

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Prior to competing at Wrestlemania 39, ‘The Rated R Superstar’ discussed the possibility of retirement. But after producing a stunning performance, he’s left the public begging for more, and by the looks of it, they’re in for an incredible treat.

While it’s been years since Edge and Christian competed together, the fans still remember ladder matches against the Hardy Boyz like it was yesterday.

From crashing through tables to launching one another off ladders, the Hall of Famers always delivered.

It appears that no matter how much time passes, the appetite to see the icons make one last dance together remains as big as ever. And WWE have taken note.

The company is keen to get the former champions back in the ring together. However, for now, Christian remains under contract with AEW.

In the most recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter via PW Mania, Dave Meltzer explained: “Behind the scenes, there was talk of Edge and Christian wanting to team together for one last time or run, but we don’t know Christian’s contract length and if it would be possible.”

So it seems, for now, all the WWE Universe can do is hope that their dream reunion becomes a reality.

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