Zidane to Manchester United: Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s ambitious plans for Manchester United

The football world is abuzz with the news of Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s ambitious plans for Manchester United, placing Zinedine Zidane at the top of his wishlist for the managerial position. Ratcliffe, who recently acquired a significant stake in the club, is determined to steer Manchester United back to the pinnacle of English and global football. This article delves into the potential implications of Zidane’s appointment, exploring the expectations, challenges, and transformative impact it could have on the club.

Ratcliffe’s Vision for United

Manchester United

Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s acquisition of a 25% stake in Manchester United marks a new era for the club, aiming to revive its fortunes both on and off the pitch. Furthermore, and with a commitment to invest in the club’s infrastructure and a clear strategy to take United back to its glory days, Ratcliffe’s influence is poised to be substantial​​​​​​.

Zidane as the Top Target

While Zidane has been identified as a prime candidate to lead this transformation, his potential appointment comes with high expectations. Known for his tactical acumen and success at Real Madrid, Zidane could bring a winning mentality back to Old Trafford. However, it’s worth noting that Zidane has expressed a preference for clubs where language wouldn’t be a barrier, suggesting a move to the Premier League might be unlikely​​.

Expectations and Challenges

Manchester United

Winning Mentality

Zidane’s possible arrival at Manchester United would immediately set high expectations for success. His track record at Real Madrid, highlighted by three consecutive Champions League titles, would demand a pursuit of both domestic and European glory.

Squad Revitalization

Additionally, one of the significant challenges Zidane would face is revitalizing a squad that has underperformed in recent seasons. This would likely involve a detailed assessment of the current roster, identifying areas for reinforcement, and potentially overseeing a significant transfer overhaul.

Cultural Shift

Furthermore, implementing a winning culture and mentality throughout the club would be crucial. Zidane’s leadership style, characterized by his calm demeanor and tactical flexibility, could be key in instilling confidence and a sense of belief within the team.

Manchester United

The Path Forward

Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s determination to elevate Manchester United back to the top of football is clear. The appointment of a world-class manager like Zinedine Zidane would symbolize a significant step towards achieving this ambition. Despite the challenges, the potential for Zidane to lead Manchester United into a new era of success is an exciting prospect.


The journey ahead for Manchester United under Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s stewardship promises to be one of transformation and renewed hope. With strategic investments and a commitment to excellence, the stage is set for the club to reclaim its position at the forefront of football. Whether Zidane becomes a part of this journey remains to be seen, but the ambition and direction are undoubtedly set for Manchester United to return to where they belong.

This exploration into the future under Zidane’s potential leadership at Manchester United reveals both the immense possibilities and the hurdles that lie ahead. As the club embarks on this new chapter, the football world will be watching closely to see how these ambitious plans unfold.