Zlatan brought to tears by question in Sweden press conference

Swedish forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic teared up when discussing his family during a recent press conference.

The news that Ibrahimovic is back on the international stage after a five-year hiatus in time for the Euros didn’t come as a huge surprise. Rumours that he would make a return to the national side had been circulating for some time prior to the official announcement.

Return of the king

Many fans and pundits were intrigued to see how the outspoke star would address the press following his comeback being confirmed. In the end, though, it was a far more human Zlatan than we’re used to seeing.

The Milan striker has achieved a whole lot throughout his illustrious career, and he’d be the first to tell you that. Moments of vulnerability have been extremely few and far between over that time, though emotions got the better of him in this instance.

The moment was triggered when one member of the media asked Zlatan how his family reacted upon his departure for international duty.

“That’s not a good question you’re asking.” Zlatan responded.

“I had Vincent here who really cried when I left him. But now it’s okay.” He said before wiping away the tears.

At 39, the striker has exceeded all expectations in his latest stint in Milan, leading to this inevitable point of stepping back into the Sweden side.

The former Manchester United star will be hoping to feature when the Swedes play Georgia, Kosovo and Estonia in the next week.

Featured image credit: Getty