‘8K’ cameras were used in the Champions League last night and the results are incredible

BT Sport used ‘8K cameras’ for the first time in the Champions League game between Real Madrid and Liverpool last night – and the footage is incredible.

The cameras have been used in LaLiga this season, with stunning visuals on display.

And similar technology has been trialled by different broadcasters over the last few years.

Viewers of the Real/Liverpool witnessed first hand just how impressive the video-capturing technique is.

What we see is a video game-esque feel to the footage. That’s down to the shallow depth of field the cameras use, which essentially means that there is a greater focus on close objects.

It creates a visual experience for the audience that we haven’t yet seen before.

In the above clip posted by BT Sport, the camera is shown panning across the two teams as the Champions League anthem is sounded.

Similar camera techniques have been used in other sports this season, with football now beginning to catch on to the new trend.

A search of Twitter shows some incredible clips from Major League Baseball over in the United States.

Elsewhere in the US, a camera rig titled the ‘Megalodon‘ has been seen during NFL games. It uses a Sony a7R IV with a Canon lens, and produces footage of unbelievable quality.

Check out the clip below, taken during a celebration from the Philadephia Eagles.

Plenty of fans compared it to the Madden video game series.

Let’s hope that this sort of tech can become even more widely seen across sport in the near future.

Featured Image Credit: BT Sport