A look at FIFA 22’s massive Ultimate Team overhaul

FIFA 22’s ambition to revamp the FIFA series with tons of new features continues as we get an exclusive look at the upcoming Ultimate Team.

Ultimate Team (FUT) has grown over the past few years or more from just a side staple of the game, to be one of its most-loved and best-played assets.

We will now take a long run-through of what’s on offer this year in the popular football games…

Division Rivals

Of course, the cornerstone of FUT – the Division Rivals.

There will be a new Elite Division will provide a more transparent progression – there are fewer weekly match requirements and new ways to earn rewards.

There is a new ladder system in Division Rivals where ranks reflect your progress. Also, checkpoints are available that will prevent any loss of progress; it’s been calibrated so your own path is rewarded, rather than being rewarded in comparison to others.

The result of each match determines how you progress on the ladder.

● Winning a match moves you forward one Stage.
● Losing a match moves you back one Stage unless you are on a Checkpoint.
● Drawing will keep you in your current position.

If you win two games in a row, you will start a winning streak, something that is indicated with a flame icon. You’ll progress an additional Stage for every consecutive win.

Season Refresh

At the start of each Season, progression resets to a lower Division for all players.

The good news for those hoping for a competitive game is that matchmaking in Division Rivals aims to find the best possible match by looking in neighbouring Stages and Divisions while taking into account the player’s geographical location, so there will be less lag and lopsided games, in theory.

Co-op Public Matchmaking

There are more inclusive ways to join with your friends and play. It’s a new mode in FUT Friendlies called Co-op Public Matchmaking. This allows for a casual drop-in experience playing FUT with a new partner against other
co-op opponents.

You won’t be using your FUT squad in the matchmaking process, but instead, there will be unique squads to choose from on a regular basis.

FUT Champions

With FUT Champions, there is now the introduction of the Champions Play-Offs and Finals. The onus is now to improve accessibility and reduce the overall commitment required to participate, making it more casual-friendly.

FUT has moved to a points-based system this year, so you’ll still make progress even if you lose.

The updates to Champions aim to strike a balance between having other commitments while still offering a competitive experience and rewards.

As ever, to get access to FUT Champions, you’ll continue to earn Champions Qualification Points in Division Rivals. Once you’ve gained enough points, you’ll be automatically entered into the Play-Offs, and your Champions run for that entry can begin when you are ready to play.

The Champions Play-Offs are the first leg of the overall FUT Champions competition. It’s is open for the duration of the FUT Season, which registers at about approximately six weeks long.

Players progress through a limited number of games on their own time, earning points toward Champions Ranks and Rewards. These are awarded at the end of your run in the Champions Play-Offs.

Weekly Rewards

Weekly Rewards in Division Rivals are earned by winning a certain number of matches before the end of the week. When the week finishes out, you’ll receive your reward based on your current rank. The higher you climb in Divisions and Ranks, the better you will be rewarded. For example ff you start the week in Division 5 but make it to Division 4, you’ll receive the rewards for Division 4.

Player Item Views

There is an introduction of a new Player Item view to show off key attributes to make it easier to see whether they’d be worthwhile buying.

They introduced the FUT Stadium last year and this time is no different – they are continuing to improve on it with brand new items types and search optimisations, making it easier to customise the look and feel of your club.

Search Improvements

Also added is the new search filters, with added authenticity and colour. With the authentic filter, you can find stadium customisation items tied to real-life leagues, clubs, or custom content.

While with the colour filter, you can search by primary and secondary colours to narrow down your search results.

A Whole New Look

Even the interface of FUT has been improved, making for a cleaner, slick image, and better navigation.

The style is symbolic of a total makeover for FIFA’s most-loved feature

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