Adam Sandler gives Happy Gilmore sequel the ‘greenlight’

Adam Sandler has ‘greenlighted’ a sequel to Happy Gilmore during a recent interview with the Golf Channel.

Hosted by Dan Patrick, Sandler was joined for the interview by fellow cast member Christopher McDonald. The 66-year-old played Gilmore’s nemesis Shooter McGavin in the original film.

Released in 1996, Happy Gilmore told the story of the eponymous title character who had given up a hockey career to try his hand at golf.

It has retained its popularity amongst fans ever since. Many people have called for a potential sequel revolving around a Senior Tour over the years.

When asked about that being a possibility, Sandler explained: “That has not been discussed but it certainly has been discussed on the Internet.

“That Senior Tour idea, it would be so amazing.”

So, although an official proposal has not been made to commission a sequel, Sandler’s subsequent comments seemingly make clear that he would be interested in continuing Gilmore’s story should the project be commissioned.

When questioned on whether he would ‘greenlight’ the sequel, the 54-year-old replied: “Yes, you can greenlight this,” before quickly adding: “I don’t know if we can get it in writing.”

His words were echoed by a visibly excited McDonald, who added on the prospect: “I am double in, yes.

“I would love to do it, everybody’s been screaming for it like Adam said on the Internet.

“I’ve just got to say it would be a complete blast, the Senior Tour with us two.”

Celebrating 25 years since release

Sandler recently posted a video on social media showcasing his golf skills, in order to celebrate 25 years of Happy Gilmore’s release.

He then ‘called out’ McGavin, who responded on Twitter with a video of his well-renowned short game.

Could one of golf’s most legendary rivalries be reprised in the coming years? Fans of the series will certainly be hoping so.

Featured Image Credit: Universal Pictures