Adebayo Akinfenwa declares himself for the WWE Draft

WWE and football has crossed paths many times over the years, but this could be taking it to the next level…

From Wayne Rooney slapping Wade Barrett in Manchester to Tim Wiese hanging up his boots to join the company, WWE has seen footballers involved in the action throughout the years.

Whether it be making an appearance in the crowd to being backstage at shows, footballers are drawn to the events as much as fans are.

Now, it’s the turn of SPORF’s close personal friend Adebayo Akinfenwa, who currently plies his trade in the Championship with Wycombe Wanderers.

In a video on Twitter, the Beast declared himself for the draft, which starts tonight on Smackdown and continues on Monday on RAW.

“There’s been a lot of rumours, a lot of whispers so I’m declaring myself right now for the WWE Draft! It all goes down this Friday night live on Smackdown,” he said in the video.

“So this message is for the RAW and Smackdown GMs, for the commissioner Mr Vince McMahon himself. You know what’s synonymous with me.”

“You got my number, hit me up on WhatsApp! See, there’s a lot of people that’s affiliated with the word ‘The Beast’ or ‘Beast Mode’, but there can only be one.”

‘Hit me up on WhatsApp’ is a direct throwback to this summer after the League One Play-Off final, which saw Akinfenwa’s Wycombe promoted to the Championship. 

In his post-match interview with Sky, the 38-year old said: “Let me tell you something, the only person that can hit me up on WhatsApp this time is Klopp, so we can celebrate together. You get me? Oi!”

YouTube video

Following the game, Jordan Henderson and other Liverpool players informed Klopp of the message, who then sent him a video congratulating him on promotion.

Not content with just declaring himself for the draft, Akinfenwa then called out current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar.

“So if I’ve got to call out Brock Lesnar himself, so be it,” he continued. “Drew McIntyre, listen. I say what I believe and I believe what I say.”

“No procrastinating, let’s get it done. And yes, I’m still balling but in life, we always find a way. So let’s find a way!”

If he does get his shot at Drew McIntyre, he’ll have to get behind the line of Randy Orton, who faces Drew at Hell in a Cell, and Tyson Fury, who has been going back on forth with him on Twitter.

However, McIntyre was quick to respond to Akinfenwa. Quoting him on Twitter, the Scot replied: “Wycombe already done with you?Tell you what since you want in on the #WWEDraft I’ll have a word with “Commissioner” Vince & “hit you up on the WhatsApp.”

Will we see Beast Mode make an appearance in WWE? We’ll have to tune in to the WWE Draft to see, but we’re certainly a big fan of it!

You can catch all the action from the draft live on Smackdown from 1am Saturday morning on BT Sport 1HD, with the draft continuing on Tuesday morning at 1am on the same channel.

(Featured Image: Getty)