Adidas complete Eternal Class pack with stunning blackout copa mundial

Oh. My. God. Oh. My. God. Oh. My. God.

Adidas have rounded off the Eternal Class pack in sublime style, with a stunning remake of the iconic 1982 Copa Mundial.

Arguably the most famous football boot silhouette of all time, the new limited edition comes with a modern soleplate, but remains true to the original when it comes to the rest of the design.

And why wouldn’t it? I mean, look at it.


“People throw around the word ‘iconic.’ But if there’s one pair of adidas football boots that truly deserves the title, it’s probably the Copa Mundial. The K-leather upper gives you a soft touch, and the outsole is tuned for solid traction on firm ground.” The description reads.


The Eternal Class has allowed Adidas to dip into their archives, rethinking some of the most iconic boots of all time.

Back on Boxing Day last year, they released all-white versions of the Copa and 2006 Predator Absolute.


January saw an equally as impressive return for the ’98 Predator Accelerator, perhaps one of the scariest-but-beautiful looking boots of all time.

“The signature rubber elements the likes of Beckham and Zidane used to such devastating effect sit primed and ready on the forefoot, while the curved three-stripes and traditional foldover tongue complete the classic look.” read the description on this release.


All in, it’s hard to knock the job they’ve done bringing these nostalgia-filled pieces of kit back. We are however, a little sad that the collection is finished.

Featured image credit: Adidas