AEW UK: Tony Khan gives Massive update on debut show in London

With fans chomping at the bit to watch AEW in the UK, Tony Khan has revealed that an announcement for the show isn’t too far away.

In an exclusive interview with talkSPORT, he claimed: “That announcement about AEW in London, it’s coming very, very soon. I don’t want to say exactly when, but believe me; it’ll be very, very soon. The fact is we’re getting closer and closer on all of the details you mentioned (dates, venues etc.). There are a lot of details to work out on such a major event as this, but all of the major details are coming into place. We’re very close to having all of the information ready to announce, so it’s come together very quickly. People are going to be very excited when they hear about this.

“It’s going to be a really special event, I think it can be one of the greatest events in AEW’s history, certainly befitting of our debut in London, which is a city that I love so much, it is so close to my heart. And for everybody there, all the wrestling fans there. I cannot wait to do it, and it feels like coming home to me, so I’m very excited about it.”

AEW UK show announcement is almost here

The rumour mill is rife with speculation that the show will take place at Fulham FC’s Craven Cottage.

With Khan being the Director of Football Operations at the club, staging the event at the 27,500-seater stadium makes a lot of sense.

In reality, the wrestling spectacle would probably have to take place in the summer due to the Premier League football season and the lack of a roof at the ground. The 2022/23 campaign is set to end on May 28. The 2023/24 season will begin in August. 

Therefore, fans will have to hope that everything will come together in time to watch the likes of Chris Jericho and Bryan Danielson make the walk to the ring in front of their very eyes.

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