WWE: Kane reveals the truth behind his relationship with The Undertaker

As one-half of the ‘Brothers of Destruction’, alongside the Undertaker, Kane has solidified his place among the greatest superstars in WWE history. But what was his relationship with ‘The Dead Man’ really like?

According to the storyline, the two ‘siblings’ didn’t have the best time together growing up. As a youngster, The Undertaker committed attempted murder, setting his house on fire, with his brother still inside.

Subsequently, he got the shock of his life when ‘The Big Red Machine’ arrived during an iconic Hell in a Cell match-up.

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During an ever-enjoyable encounter with Shawn Michaels, ‘The Phenon’ was rendered open-mouthed as the man he once thought dead, made his way to the ring.

Kane proceeded to rip through the steel cage as if it was nothing more than tissue paper, before nailing The Undertaker with his own trademark ‘Tombstone Piledriver’.

Over the coming decades, the pair of icons delivered some of the most iconic moments in WWE history. Whether it was the duo scaring the life out of other wrestlers as a tag team, or feuding among themselves, they always provided the goods, especially when Kane got his own back and set The Undertaker on fire at the 1998 Royal Rumble.

But did they share the same chemistry away from the spotlight?

WWE: Kane reveals all on his friendship with the Undertaker

The WWE Universe will be delighted to hear that Kane loved The Dead Man on and off screen.

In an interview with PWMania, he discussed working with his hero: “It was amazing. Undertaker was my favourite superstar before I got into the WWE. He debuted right around the time I broke into the wrestling business. He’s always been my favourite. He was a big guy like me, and the character was amazing. He was the first big guy to combine size and athleticism that he did. There were a lot of big guys who couldn’t do the stuff he could do.

Ultimately, not only was it, of course, a tremendous character and concept, but it was the fact that you had this guy who was 6’10, 300lbs, could walk across the top rope, and he’ll tell you himself he would move very methodically and did a lot of things a human being his size wouldn’t be able too.

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Kane never wanted to disappoint The Undertaker

Behind the scenes, Kane held his partner in high regard. He particularly admired the powerhouse’s mental strength.

He continued: “I have a great deal of respect for him as a performer before I even really got into the business. Then, when I was around him for a few years, all the stuff about him being the locker room leader is all true. He was the guy you didn’t want to disappoint.

I remember one night I felt terrible because he was hurt and still went out and did a half an hour match. He was in pain and did the best that he could. He didn’t have to; he’s The Undertaker, he’s been there for 20 years, and if he wanted to phone it in, nobody would say anything. Then I went out there, and I worked hard, but I was like, man, here he is. That was the moment when I decided I would never phone it in, either. If he could go out there and wrestle at a high-level hurt, then we all could. Frankly, he is an idol. To be able to work with him, that closely and develop a close relationship with him, is just something dreams are made out of.”

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