AEW video game: Everything wrestling fans need to know

After an agonising wait, it appears that the AEW video game is just around the corner, and we’ve got all the latest, including a potential name.

Within three years of its creation in 2019, the company has rapidly grown to prominence. Company chairman Tony Khan set a goal of bringing back the old-school wrestling style. This gave fans who’ve distanced themselves from the WWE due to its younger market a sense of nostalgia.

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They’ve already become the second-biggest wrestling promotion in America, and Vince McMahon’s more than aware of how big a threat they pose. They’ve secured the signature of several of the world’s biggest stars. The likes of CM Punk, Chris Jericho and Jeff Hardy all showcase their talents on AEW.

Therefore, with their popularity rapidly developing, it made sense to start work on a video game. And after a wait that feels like forever, it’s almost time for fans to get their hands on it.

In November 2020, they released a trailer that featured Chris Jericho. It received mixed feedback, with some wrestling enthusiasts appreciating the fun aspect while others laughed at the standard of graphics and in-play action.

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One person said: “I can give the art style a pass if the mechanics, fun factor and customisation are great, like the old WWE games.”

While another supporter beamed: “I’m loving the no mercy vibes. It looks like a cool retro game.”

A third wrestling enthusiast mocked the game: “Finally, a new game coming to the PlayStation 3.”

However, the project has likely changed a great deal through its development, and now we’re entering the home stretch.

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What do we know about the AEW game and does it have a name?

As per Wrestling Inc, during an event in Pittsburgh, Khan asked the crowd to participate in providing chants for a game entitled ‘AEW: Fight Forever’. The delighted audience enthusiastically provided their input for the project, which according to Fightful Select, will arrive in stores in September 2022.

Although we’re yet to receive an official confirmation, we’re led to believe that the game will come out on Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PS5 and PS4.

Featured image credit: Chris Jericho’s Instagram