How tall is Satnam Singh? Indian giant compared to The Great Khali after AEW debut

On April 13, Satnam Singh assaulted Samoa Joe to make an explosive AEW debut, but just how tall is the imposing athlete?

The wrestling business has a long history of providing opportunities for athletes of all shapes and sizes. But there’s no denying that there’s something special about the big men. Their terrifying physiques leave the audience captivated and scared of the destruction they can so effortlessly cause.

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The WWE has used this model to acquire its most popular superstars. The likes of The Big Show and Mark Henry developed their followings thanks to their devastating physical stature and ability to overpower any wrestler who would dare set foot in the ring with them.

In recent times, Vince McMahon has drafted in 7 ft 3 Omos, who made easy work of every superstar who came his way until ultimately losing to Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania. He’s also placed his trust in 350-pound beast Commander Azeez, who helped Apollo Crews relieve Big E of the Intercontinental Championship last year.

And now Tony Khan has signed his own giant to tear the world of AEW apart.

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Satnam Singh has made his AEW debut

Just before the Asian monster’s arrival, Samoa Joe produced a spectacular performance to beat Minoru Suzuki for the Ring of Honor Television Championship. However, he didn’t get much time to celebrate. The new champion turned around to a shock Clothesline which left him flat on the canvas.

Singh then launched Joe out of the ring and, with the assistance of Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt unleashed a brutal beating on the defenceless title-holder. He then weakly threw the 43-year-old against the steel steps to announce that he’s not here to take part, he’s here to take over.

However, the surprise attack didn’t go down brilliantly with the crowd despite his efforts. Many complained about Singh’s lack of mobility. However, the 26-year-old is still very new to the craft and has plenty of time to improve. The former basketball player who, in 2015, became the first Indian to get drafted into the NBA is used to defying the odds, and who’s to say he can’t do it again?

Fans have already begun comparing the sportsman to a WWE Hall of Famer.

How tall is Satnam Singh?

The Great Khali rose to fame in the world’s premier wrestling promotion through his destructive chop and enormous stature.

But at 7 ft 3, Singh stands even taller than his countryman. The AEW star is an absolute monster of a man who’ll undoubtedly tower over the entire roster.

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Granted, similarly to his compatriot, he’s not as quick as the smaller wrestlers. Yet he possesses all the physical attributes to assert himself as a real contender for the belt. If ‘The Punjabi Playboy’ managed to climb the mountain to win the World Heavyweight Championship, it’s not worth writing Singh’s chances off just yet.

Featured Image Credit: Satnam Singh’s Instagram