Alessandro Macedo fighting to win the Hexagone MMA title for his dog and dad

With the memory of his father at the forefront of his mind, Alessandro Macedo, aims to become Hexagone MMA champion on Thursday night.

Live on TNT Sports, the formidable fighter will enter the lion’s den as he collides with dynamite striker, Laid Zouhani, in front of 5000 fans at the H Arena in Nantes, France.

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Growing up in Brazil, Macedo placed great importance on family, spending endless hours exchanging banter with his great uncles.

With a natural athletic flare, the sportsman gravitated towards football, playing with his friends in the streets.

But it wasn’t until he discovered MMA that his life changed forever.

After watching ‘Sh*tty’ videos of the UFC, he was instantly hooked.


With a nerve of steel honed through joining the Brazilian military, Macedo rocketed up the rankings, winning the championship belt in Shooto Brasil. And now he’s focused on making another piece of history, before heading home to see his closest friend — Maike the dog.

Alessandro Macedo is ready to win the Hexagone MMA title

In a moment of devastation, the warrior had to lay his father to rest. But he’s reminded of him every day when he looks into his dog’s eyes.

Speaking exclusively to Sporf, Macedo said: “My dog ​​Maike arrived at a very difficult time in my life. Days before I got him, I lost my father. We were very good friends. I felt his loss a lot. But before that, I had a boxing match, and I was with him; it was incredible, seeing him happy once again with my victory.

“A friend says that my dog ​​is my father in dog form, haha. ​​I like to think so. We go out to parks a lot and run through the streets. Staying at home playing tag is super fun; my wife and I are happy together!”

Alessandro Macedo is more than just a fighter

Despite his fighting prowess, Macedo has remained humble, maintaining a close bond with his friends. He even recently joined them for a game of paintball, which took him back to his military days.

He beamed: “I like fighting more than just paintball; I was in the Brazilian army in 2007, it reminds me a little of my past! But the games with friends are the best. I’m very competitive, and I don’t want to lose for anything! Compared to fighting adrenaline, this joy of competing makes me happy.”

Between spending time with his canine companion and bathing under waterfalls to relax and indulge in nature, Macedo has been preparing for the biggest night of his life.

The Brazilian beamed: “I don’t really like making predictions. But victory will definitely come! I’ve been coming to work for many years, and I’ve lost time; now, this is my time to make it happen!

“I’m very excited about being able to debut in Hexagone. I see that it’s a great MMA league, and I want to win the belt! I’ve been champion in other leagues here in Brazil; there’s Shooto Brasil, the biggest national MMA event. It means a lot to me, a unique moment of duty fulfilled as an athlete.

“I’ve been working on it for years, and now I’m going to continue the process until I get my glory!”

Featured Image Credit: Alessandro Macedo