Arnold Schwarzenegger Is About To Take Lidl’s Middle Aisle By Storm

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a lot of things. He’s been a time travelling cybernetic assassin. He’s been vengeful barbarian warrior. And who could forget his stint as Minneapolis’ premiere reindeer punching mattress salesman? Hell, he was even actually Governor of California between 2003 and 2011.

But now, arguably the Terminator’s biggest challenge is on it’s way. And it’s coming to a Lidl near you.

That’s right, the Last Action Hero is heading to the perilous middle aisle. Where bargainous fridge, freezer and cupboard goods make way for leaf blowers, shower curtains and samosa makers.

And now, the Arnie approved DIY and home improvement tool kits.

Lidl’s Parkside brand is launching their new line alongside the Hollywood action icon, who puts on a stellar performance as he re-enacts legendary moments from his glittering career, played out in a DIY Parkside parallel universe.

YouTube video

As a former bricklayer and all-round handyman, himself – the star of Terminator is no stranger to tools he’s seen handling in the film. In fact, he’s probably used a few similar items to inflict some serious damage upon various enemies on the silver screen across the last 40 years.

The Kindergarten Cop may not blow up any Predators in the advert (would probably be a bit much for a LIDL commercial, wouldn’t it, in fairness?) but he still brings that unmistakable charisma that has made him one of the most enduring action stars of all time.

The Parkside range, which drops in Lidl stores nationwide from Thursday 7th September, covers everything from basics such as neon duct tape to heavy duty showstoppers such as plasma cutters with intergrated compressors. And you can churn out all your favourite Arnie impersonations while using them. Which is obvbiously brilliant.

We don’t know about you, but just thinking of big Arn giving us the thumbs up and shouting “You got this!” has us pumped to take an angle grinder to just about anything we can find. What a bloke.

The seven-time Mr.Olympia, now 76, says of his partnership with Lidl, “‘You got this’ – that’s exactly my attitude. You have to believe in yourself, that’s why I’m a Parksider.”

Featured Image Credit: Lidl