Alex Lohore predicts KO win over David Kozma at Oktagon MMA 43, and reveals why he wears a crown

On May 20, at Oktagon MMA 43, the world will stand still as Alex Lohore clashes with David Kozma in the quarter-finals of the Tipsport Gamechanger.

With the ‘Champions League’ of MMA grasping the attention of fans around the globe, ‘Da Killa King’ is chomping at the bit to get in the cage and make Ivory Coast proud by rendering his opponent unconscious in front of a roaring crowd at the O2 Arena in Prague, Czech Republic.

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Alex Lohore can’t wait to get his hands on David Kozma at Oktagon MMA 43

While many suspected the super-fight would occur in the final of the tournament, MMA enthusiasts are absolutely over the moon that the match-up everyone wanted to see is now less than a week away

Just minutes before Karlos Vemola and Patrik Kincl walk to the cage, Lohore will put it all on the line, knowing a victory will change his life forever.

With an ever-charismatic personality, terrifying fighting style and a flamboyant pink hair-do, Kozma has won the hearts of the Czech public. But his adversary is more than confident he has the minerals to upset the applecart.

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Throughout his career, the-33-year-old has picked up five championship belts, solidifying his position as one of the best mixed martial artists in the promotion. Therefore, despite the challenge of setting foot in the cage with the man who holds the record for the longest Oktagon title reign in history, he’s expecting to produce a performance capable of devastating the partisan crowd.

Speaking exclusively to Sporf, he said: “I predict that I’ll be all over him, wherever the fight goes. I’m expecting him to try and take me down. But if he makes that mistake, it’ll be a bad night for him because we’ve prepared very well. We’ve got a few things planned for if he tries that.

“As you’ve seen in my previous fights, striking is what I love the most. I know that I’m better in this area than him. There wasn’t much striking the last time he fought; it was mostly just a wrestling match. I think I’m going to finish him via submission or KO.”

And it’s fair to say he’s not exactly the biggest fan of his opponent’s haircut.

The former BAMMA champion laughed: “The pink hair is not really my thing, but everyone needs a persona and to make themselves a little bit different.”

And while ‘The Pink Panther’ has the pressure of a nation on his shoulders, Lohore has three.

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Alex Lohore wears a crown to represent the Ivory Coast

When the formidable fighter walks to the cage, he usually leaves, having had his hand raised, while wearing a huge crown atop his head. And the story behind his bold fashion choice is fascinating.

Lohore explained: “The crown that I wear is a King’s crown. In the villages in Ivory Coast, the King wears a crown to distinguish himself from other people. MMA is a sport that’s not fully levelled up; there are not many people who’ve done what I’ve done. So I like to represent by wearing the crown, and hopefully, I can go out there one day and make the sport even bigger.”

Alex Lohore holds his homeland close to his heart

He added: “The UK is the place where I started the sport; I learnt everything here. I live in London, my kids were born here, and my partner is half English, half Jamaican. I’ve also spent a lot of time in France; I love it there too. Therefore, I have to represent who’s made me. I can’t just represent where I was born; it’s about more than that for me. It’s about representing the people who made me.”

To his core, Lohore was born to fight.

While the rest of the competitors in the competition are drooling over the thought of picking up the €1,000,000 prize fund, the African-born warrior doesn’t care. There’s only one thing that matters to him and that’s winning, no matter what it takes.

Featured Image Credit: Oktagon MMA 43